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Hong Kong refuses private party requests for police reports needed to secure local employment. See Complete Article

Yantai Huasheng Int’l School China: Alleged cover-up of the deaths of two Korean students on field trip. News Article

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UAE: Behind the Modernity

Relocating to the United Arab Emirates? Read on: An expat was recently jailed for ‘flipping the bird.’ A man was jailed for accidentally touching a man’s hip in a bar. An expat couple was recently detained 6 weeks for having sex outside marriage. A man was arrested for smoking pot before arriving in Dubai. A woman was jailed for witnessing… Read More

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Guilty Until Proven Innocent  (Qatar Academy teacher Dorje Gurung recounts his time in a Qatari jail)
Protect Your Career! Recruiters fail to endorse Bill of Rights!!!
The Bill of Rights for International Educators
The Bill of Rights for International Educators