Schools That Want to Use & Abuse You

Legitimate international schools and international teaching jobs first came on the scene to provide a U.S. education to expat kids. Embassies and parents joined forces and together created quality educational institutions. Back then, success was measured not in dollars, but in the level of education offered the kids who some day would return to the United States and attend U.S. universities.

Recruiting packages at these schools were generous. They included ample shipping allowances, housing, airfare, cars, health insurance and tuition for dependent children. A teacher could live well and save money. Best of all, and most important, these schools were strong academic institutions with high standards, plentiful supplies and dependable administrative support. Are such schools a thing of the past? We think not! Great positions can still be found at outstanding schools, but today you’ll need to weed out a new breed of school that’s only in it for the money.

Shrewd business people are today capitalizing on the sale of an “American” education and exploiting U.S. teachers in the process. To tout an American Education, for-profit overseas schools need American certified teachers as stage props. They also need U.S accreditation, which is easy enough to obtain since money paid by schools to be evaluated for accreditation goes directly to pay the salaries of the people granting the accreditation. Of course, this creates a gross conflict of interest, which lends itself to low standards.

The International Schools Review web site is populated with reviews from teachers that have been cheated monetarily, as well as ethically, by for-profit schools. Schools that fail to pay salaries, retract health insurance benefits, demand many additional hours of work with no compensation, expect all students will receive As and Bs and support ridiculous demands from parents, are not only an insult to educators, but dishonest and should be brought into compliance by the major recruiters. Sadly, many such schools continue to recruit through the major recruiting venues, all of which have turned their backs on the Bill of Rights for International Educators. They know which side their bread is buttered on!

As teachers, most of us have minimal experience with unscrupulous business types. In fact, we tend to trust people because our profession is one built on support and nurturing. People with hidden agendas know this and take unfair advantage of us. The phrase “Trafficking in Teachers” is becoming associated with such schools. Don’t let yourself be a victim of money hungry business people who think nothing of you, education or the kids and parents they cheat.

The Bill of Rights for International Educators was created to protect teachers from rogue schools. Through the contributions of hundreds of experienced international teachers the Bill of Rights took shape and evolved into the document it is today. It is not a wish list! It is not a list of unreasonable demands! It is a collection of guarantees necessary to assure international educators work in a safe and ethical environment.

Click to view the Bill of Rights for International Educators. If you agree with its tenets, print a copy and hand it to your school director. Ask him/her to endorse it and display it in the school office and at upcoming recruiting fairs. If you feel making this simple request could jeopardize your position, you’re at the wrong school. Any school or director that refuses to support the basic rights for its staff is a school to be avoided.

Look for schools that display the Bill of Rights Logo.

. We support the Bill of Rights for International Teachers