Teacher reviewing an international school

• Dasman Bilingual School Kuwait 7/28 eval 50
• Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia 7/28 eval 39
• Cambridge International Curriculum Centre China 7/28 eval 2
• Kim Dodd 7/28 (Principal Report 2) Al Sahwa Schools Oman
• Kristina Nefstead 7/28 (Director Report 9) International School Egypt

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• Are rich, entitled kids & parents calling the shots? Who’s really in charge?
• Is there strong academic integrity or are grades inflated to appease powerful parents?
• Does the school Pay on time? Are contracts honored?
• Are passports held by the school so you can’t leave?
• Are teacher evaluations transparent?
• Is the work environment bully free? What’s the overall work atmosphere like?
• Is there real help with visas, housing, shipping & settling in? Or, are you on your own?

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Too Frazzled to Go Back

International School Graduation

“I hate my life at this school so much that I’m seriously considering not returning after the summer. Actually, I don’t know if I can face another moment of it. The final straw was when I turned to walk away from a little kiosk and glimpsed the driver of a parked taxi eyeing me with his hand down his pants — you can fill in the rest.

“The entire scene is repulsive and oppressive. I feel like I’m trapped inside a nightmare. The school is no gem either. I really need some advice. Advice, anyone?” Go to Article / Blog