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• Academic Bridge Program Qatar 7/26 First time reviewed on ISR
• Davina McCarthy 7/26 (Principal Report) First time reviewed on ISR 
Help International School Malaysia
• Mark Newmark 7/26 (Director Report) First time reviewed on ISR 
Academic Bridge Program Qatar
• Bryan Lewallen 7/26 (Director Report 2) Academic Bridge Program Qatar

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International School Graduation

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Here’s the type of information you’ll find on ISR
• Is the school Director competent? What’s it really like to work for him/her?
• Is there an atmosphere of fear created by top-down admin or a feeling of collegiality?
• Are rich, entitled kids & parents calling the shots? Who’s really in charge?
• Is there strong academic integrity or are grades inflated to appease powerful parents?
• Does the school Pay on time? Are contracts honored?
• Are passports held by the school so you can’t leave?
• Are teacher evaluations transparent?
• Is the work environment bully free? What’s the overall work atmosphere like?
• Is there real help with visas, housing, shipping & settling in? Or, are you on your own?

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International School Graduation

Dear ISR, I resigned my teaching position back in December, attended an ISS Fair but didn’t find a job for this school year. Now I’m back in my hometown…

I’m feeling “grounded” so to speak, like I’m going seriously backwards in my life and career. I am registering for recruiting fairs. But for now life isn’t much fun at all…

I’d really like to hear how others survived this sense of idling while my career and life languish. Maybe those of us in this situation can help each other using your much appreciated website as a place to meet/share ideas and experiences. Thanks very much, ISR, for sharing my letter with your readers. Go to full article / Blog