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• Nord Anglia School Beijing Fangshan China First time reviewed on ISR (743 words)
• Hsuan Huai Institute China 7/31 First time reviewed on ISR (437 words)
• Singapore International School (Kinderworld) Vietnam 7/31 review 27 (6,498 words)
• St. Dominic’s International School Portugal 7/31 review 62 (179 words)
• International School Chouiefat Beirut Lebanon 7/31 review 2 (191 words)
• Institut auf dem Rosenberg Switzerland 7/31 review 3 (794 words)

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Featured Article: Jul 31, 2020

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

The answer to any and all questions has been, “we’ll have to wait and see.” At this point I think my school should be able to offer some information, one way or another.

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