Teacher reviewing an international school
  • Hong Qiao International School China 1/16 evaluation 8
  • Hay Al Sharooq International School Oman 1/16 evaluation 15
  • Edison International Academy Qatar 1/16 evaluation 2
  • Okma International Academy Qingdao China 1/16 evaluation 2
  • Ras Al Khaimah Academy UAE 1/16 evaluation 14
  • Shanghai American School – Puxi & Pudong China 1/16 evaluation 25
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Foreign Students in Trump’s America

Teacher reviewing an international school

..As International Educators, many of our students will be affected by American President-elect Trump’s threat to enact a ban on Muslims entering the US, and to further impose strict vetting standards on immigrants from countries he considers “exporters of terrorism.”

..Early in his campaign, Trump called for the elimination of the J-1 Exchange Visa program through which foreign students…Read more / Blog

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