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Read reviews of International Schools Directors and Principals
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• Nobles International School Saudi Arabia 6/22 First time reviewed on ISR (116 words)
• Bromsgrove International School Thailand 6/22 review 33 (156 words)
• Yew Wah International Education School Guangzhou China 6/22 review 3 (1,297 words)
• British International School Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 6/22 review 5 (641 words)
• GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE 6/22 review 8 (438 words)
• Joan Philp 6/22 (Principal Report) First time reviewed on ISR Utahloy International School Guangzhou China
• Myles D’Airelle 6/22 (Principal Report 4) Western International School Shanghai China
• Jeffrey Holcomb 6/22 (Principal Report 2) Seoul Foreign School Korea

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Featured Article June 22, 2018

Hired Without Even a Phone Call

Just days ago, I received a Contract from a UAE-based school. The accompanying email says, “There’s no need for an interview because your qualifications all check out.” What’s up with this?

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