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Read reviews of International Schools Directors and Principals
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• Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy China 5/25 review 8 (245 words)
• Sultan’s School Oman 5/25 review 18 (319 words)
• Tsinghua High School International China 5/25 review 3 (234 words)

• Vision International School Qatar 5/25 review 19 (352 words)
• Ross Halliday 5/25 (Principal Report) First time reviewed on ISR American International School Vietnam
• Robert VanderEyken 5/25 (Director Report 4) Casablanca American School Morocco


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Featured Article May 25, 2018

Quirky Admin Agendas

Have you ever had the feeling that your current admin, were they in a US or UK school, would find themselves drowning in legal problems for conduct they get away with overseas? If you’re nodding your head, YES! you’re not alone…

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