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Full List of Reviewed Schools
July 2020

The Comments Below are Excerpts from the Full Length Reviews. ISR Hosts In-Depth, Candid Assessments of International Schools.

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New School Reviews

• British School Beijing Shunyi China 8/12 review 55
Here are my PROS and CONS about BSB… [776 words]

• International School Panama 8/12 review 16
I am very worried about the future of our school… [167 words]

• Huamao International School China 8/12 review 8
Many students cannot speak English at conversational level… [721 words]

• Huamao International School China 8/12 review 9
Profit trumps all else. No value put on the education of the child… [1,090 words]

• International School Bucharest Romania 8/12 review 2
If you’re coming from IB background you might find it very difficult & challenging… [596 words]

• Merchiston International School China 8/11 review 5
Perhaps most frustrating is the tight grip the investor holds on the purse strings… [1,927 words]

• Garden International School Malaysia 8/11 review 9
I left this school a much better teacher than when I arrived… [251 words]

• Mandalay International Science Academy Myanmar 8/11 review 2
The low salaries does not attract the best teachers… [53 words]

• Nord Anglia School Beijing Fangshan China 8/10 review 2
I just don’t see how this school will survive & thrive… [264 words]

• British School Beijing Shunyi China 8/10 review 54
One contract at this school and I was ecstatic to leave… [264 words]

• International School Macao 8/10 review 24
TIS is in absolute chaos in all grade divisions… [158 words]

• Nord Anglia Chinese Int’l School Shanghai China 8/6
First time reviewed on ISR [178 words]

• Seisen International School Japan 8/6 review 16
I think our school needs a new head… [95 words]

• Colegio Internacional Puerto La Cruz Venezuela 8/6 review 7
Here is a letter I wrote to submit to the school board… [1,331 words]

• Rafa Nadal International School Spain 8/5 review 5
Not much real learning or education goes on here… [571 words]

• Institut auf dem Rosenberg Switzerland 8/5 review 4
This isn’t my first school, nor will it be the last. However, it is by far the worst… [788 words]

• Modern English School Egypt 8/5 review 36
I was very shocked to read so many negative reviews about this school… [154 words]

• Cairo English School Egypt 8/4 review 28
Prefer job security & a supportive school? This school isn’t for you… [181 words]

• British School Beijing Shunyi China 8/4 review 53
I just wish that schools like this acted in a more honorable way… [506 words]

• Prem Tinsulanonda International School Thailand 8/4 review 14
Given that you spend 9 hours of your life at work the balance is not good… [1,048 words]

• OX TLC International School China 8/3
First time reviewed on ISR [202 words]

• Dulwich International High School China 8/3 review 3
It seems to be up to staff in most cases to choose whether they renew their contract… [780 words]

• Dulwich International High School China 8/3 review 4
This school has huge potential but needs a strong leader, with a real voice… [358 words]

• Panaga School Brunei Darussalam 8/3 review 16
Surely this awful situation cannot be allowed to continue… [461 words]

• Westhill Institute Mexico 8/3 review 16
Families usually leave their first year, the package is insufficient… [579 words]

Director & Principal Reports

• Mark Hardeman 8/12 (Director Report 7)
International School Tanganyika Tanzania

• Robert Fielder 8/11 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Lahore American School Pakistan

• Tracey Thomas 8/11 (Principal Report 4)
British School Brasilia Brazil

• Peter Vaughn 8/10 (Principal Report 2)
Hayah International Academy Egypt

• April Yetsko 8/6 (Director Report 3)
Bavarian International School Germany

• Scott Reid 8/6 (Principal Report 2)
Kaiwen Academy Haidian China

• John Moore 8/5 (Director Report 5)
St Andrews Int’l School Sukhumvit 107 Thailand

• Rachel Keys 8/4 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Prem Tinsulanonda Int’l School Thailand

• John House-Myers 8/4 (Principal Report 3)
BASIS Int’l School Park Lane Harbour China

• Deanna West 8/3 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
OX TLC International School China

• Richard Tangye 8/3 (Director Report 16)
St. Dominic’s International School Portugal

Full List of Reviewed Schools
July 2020