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Full List of Reviewed Schools
August 2020

The Comments Below are Excerpts from the Full Length Reviews. ISR Hosts In-Depth, Candid Assessments of International Schools.

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New School Reviews

• Universal American School UAE 9/22 review 27
Think hard if you’re considering a job here, you’ll be considered disposable… [359 words]

• Traill International School Thailand 9/22 review 5
I was so happy to have the opportunity to leave this school & move on… [952 words]

• Azerbaijan British College Azerbaijan 9/22 review 6
Today’s reality is way different & it can’t offer anything extraordinary… [1,486 words]

• St. Dominic’s International School Portugal 9/22 review 63
Our professional experience at the school was so draining & demoralizing… [297 words]

• Nord Anglia International School Shanghai China 9/21 review 14
The words please & thank you are never used… [558 words]

• Jeddah Knowledge International School Saudi Arabia 9/21 review 31
Went from a well resourced school to one that is completely under-resourced… [575 words]

• Haileybury Almaty Kazakstan 9/21 review 25
I hope this isn’t symptomatic of how the school generally operates… [197 words]

• Baku Modern School Azerbaijan 9/18 review 6
Saddest part is that the school has lost great teachers who the kids adore… [450 words]

• Malvern College Qingdao China 9/18 review 30
Malvern UK have been contacted & I believe more drama to unfold… [773 words]

• GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE 9/18 review 15
It has sucked the life & vibrancy out of the place… [628 words]

• Institut auf dem Rosenberg Switzerland 9/17 review 7
We did not even make it to the classroom… [110 words]

• Network International School Myanmar 9/17 review 2
COVID has shown the true colours of the school & it’s leaders… [835 words]

• Harrow International School Beijing China 9/17 review 20
There are some good things too, but I’m too tired to write about anything good… [629 words]

• Gulf English School Kuwait 9/16 review 47
Employs teachers who don’t have degrees & places them on a tourist visa… [184 words]

• British School Bucharest Romania 9/16 review 7
Never a proper payslip but now the amounts are fluctuating dramatically… [123 words]

• British Vietnamese International School Hanoi Vietnam 9/16 review 21
A good place for beginning a career, it could also be a place to end it… [176 words]

• Saipan International School Northern Mariana Islands 9/16 review 3
I have been very happy at SIS & on Saipan… [573 words]

• Times College China 9/15 review 5
Had good intentions & potential breaking into a new market but lost its way… [286 words]

• Wellington College International China 9/15 review 12
No “transparent” anything, everything subject to interpretation of leadership… [1,249 words]

• British School Beijing Shunyi China 9/15 review 59
The students get a raw deal at this school… [510 words]

• English School for Girls Kuwait 9/15 review 5
Still breathing a sigh of relief at having escaped this place… [262 words]

• CfBT Project Brunei Darussalam 9/15 review 9
Comfortable lifestyle by sacrificing any professional or career development… [378 words]

• Institut auf dem Rosenberg Switzerland 9/15 review 6
Please read what people have said on the site. They’re not lying… [971 words]

• Winpenny School Mexico 9/14
First time reviewed on ISR [687 words]

• United World College Thailand 9/14 review 4
A lot of potential but a low-morale & ineffective school to work in… [577 words]

• British International School Casablanca Morocco 9/14 review 6
To bring it to a point – absolute chaos… [617 words]

• Prem Tinsulanonda International School Thailand 9/14 review 15
The response to the Coronavirus has been appalling… [1,517 words]

• BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour China 9/14 review 8
They went way out of their way to make the staff feel like family… [377 words]

• MEF International School Istanbul Turkey 9/14 review 22
Apply if you love Istanbul – otherwise forget it… [175 words]

• Network International School Myanmar 9/11
First time reviewed on ISR [932 words]

• International School Manila Philippines 9/11 review 13
Forced staff to come in despite the fact that there are no students in the building… [313 words]

• British School Lome Togo 9/11 review 15
Happy with a slightly slower pace of life, BSL might be for you!… [886 words]

• Australian International School Hong Kong 9/11 review 2
Their promise for top quality education is completely false… [481 words]

• Kang Chiao International School Taiwan 9/11 review 3
Staff & students often come into school ill, even during the pandemic… [641 words]

• St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten & Nursery Hong Kong 9/10
First time reviewed on ISR [431 words]

• Metropolitan International School Egypt 9/10 review 6
Intention of review is to post a record of patterns observed over multiple years… [3,145 words]

• International School Bucharest Romania 9/10 review 3
The strong school community is supportive and caring… [475 words]

• American Creativity Academy Kuwait 9/10 review 41
ACA is all about bums on seats, giving A+ grades and receiving money… [400 words]

• Shanghai Community International School China 9/9 review 53
Numerous staff were suddenly fired on the last day of school… [456 words]

• Dwight School Seoul Korea 9/9 review 14
This is not a good school to work at… [418 words]

• Huamao International School China 9/9 review 12
To sum up my time in Huamao in one word, I’d pick demoralizing… [756 words]

• EtonHouse Malaysia International School Malaysia 9/9 review 6
The owner is not listed publicly yet all decisions are made by her… [257 words]

• Bangkok Preparatory International School Thailand 9/8 review 12
Recent recruitment due to growth posts rather than replacement… [106 words]

• Beijing International Singaporean School China 9/8 review 29
I’m owed lots of money, including flights and gratuity… [76 words]

• New Cairo British International School Egypt 9/8 review 25
Management structure is ludicrously top-heavy… [135 words]

• English School Kyrenia Cyprus 9/8 review 6
Parents run the school by complaining until they get their way… [412 words]

• Dulwich College Suzhou China 9/7 review 12
This is no longer a good school… [726 words]

• Munich International School Germany 9/7 review 8
This is an excellent school… [116 words]

• Fairview International School Malaysia 9/7 review 9
Only 3 year contracts are offered with harsh conditions for leaving early… [668 words]

• British College Gava Spain 9/7 review 8
Significant serious weaknesses & fails to prepare students effectively… [181 words]

• VinSchool Vietnam 9/7 review 3
You may feel that I exaggerated, if anything I’ve understated the case… [1,260 words]

• SMIC Private School Shanghai China 9/4 review 14
I implore you to read the reviews & take them to heart… [1,193 words]

• TH School Vietnam 9/4 review 7
While there are many positives, it’s overall a toxic environment… [1,449 words]

• British School Beijing Shunyi China 9/4 review 58
New staff aren’t being paid until they arrive in Beijing which could take 2 months… [136 words]

• World Academy Tirana Albania 9/4 review 11
I’d definitely live there again, however, it will not be to work at WAT… [1,084 words]

• Chiang Rai International School Thailand 9/3 review 8
A serious teacher, without a missionary view? Look elsewhere… [187 words]

• British International School Addis Ababa Ethiopia 9/3 review 4
You’re being precious for expecting such things as water or power… [283 words]

• Wingate School Mexico 9/2 review 2
I hope the rest of my stay is as good as it started… [132 words]

• King Faisal School Saudi Arabia 9/2 review 5
Can you imagine the start of an academic year without timetables?!… [319 words]

• Utahloy International School Guangzhou China 9/1 review 26
I’d approach a job here with caution & awareness of the pitfalls ahead… [794 words]

• WAY American School Brazil 9/1 review 2

I had to fight for basic things like graduation ceremony funds & SAT payments… [518 words]

Director & Principal Reports

• Saima Rana 9/18 (Director Report 4)
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE

• Saima Rana 9/18 (Director Report 5)
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE

• Saima Rana 9/18 (Principal Report 6)
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE

• Michael Adams 9/21 (Director Report 8)
American School Foundation Monterrey Mexico

• Rob Allison 9/21 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
American Community School Beirut

• Greg MacGilpin 9/21 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
American Community School Beirut

• Cindy Bin Tahal 9/21 (Principal Report 9)
Panaga School Brunei Darussalam

• Wenbin Wang 9/18 (Director Report 8)
Malvern College Qingdao China

• Saima Rana 9/18 (Director Report 2)
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE

• Saima Rana 9/18 (Director Report 3)
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE

• Matthew Aston 9/17 (Principal Report 3)
Haileybury Almaty Kazakhstan

• Lesley-Ann Wallace 9/17 (Director Report 5)
Nord Anglia International School Shanghai China

• Marian Winpenny 9/16 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Winpenny School Mexico

• Martin Kunghua Li 9/15 (Director Report 3)
Times College China

• Nick Glab 9/14 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Colegio Jorge Washington Colombia

• Saima Rana 9/14 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE

• Ronald E. Snyder 9/11 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Saipan Int’l School Northern Mariana Islands

• Jon Schatzky 9/10 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Canadian Academy Japan

• Bengt Rosberg 9/10 (Principal Report 2)
EtonHouse Malaysia International School Malaysia

• Kevin Skeoch 9/9 (Director Report 3)
Dwight School Seoul Korea

• Jim O’Malley 9/9 (Principal Report 3)
Ruamrudee International School Thailand

• Randy Neen 9/8 (Director Report 6)
American International School Abuja Nigeria

• Randy Neen 9/8 (Director Report 7)
American International School Abuja Nigeria

• Simon Mower 9/7 (Principal Report 2)
British College Gava Spain

• Alena Namotu 9/4 (Principal Report 2)
World Academy Tirana Albania

• Paul Taylor 9/3 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Dipont Education China

• Richard Matthews 9/2 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
International School the Hague Netherlands

• Andrew Frezludeen 9/1 (Director Report 4)
Metropolitan International School Egypt

Full List of Reviewed Schools
August 2020