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August Additions To ISR

Full List of Reviewed Schools
July 2017

The Comments Below are Excerpts from the Full Length Reviews. ISR Hosts In-Depth, Candid Assessments of International Schools.

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New School Reviews

• Tenby Setia Eco Gardens Malaysia 8/22 First time reviewed on ISR

• Greengates School Mexico 8/22 evaluation 29
This is a good school if you want to come & explore Mexico but be very aware it’s not managed in a professional way…

• Shanghai American School Puxi China 8/22 evaluation 32
I am a Chinese teacher and have been at SAS for many years. I am writing this review to stand up for the Chinese teachers…

• Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School Turkey 8/22 evaluation 7
For two years I couldn’t get any help from anyone with how to apply the curricula to improve student understanding. The advice I got was to spoon-feed them…

• BIS Canada Korea 8/21 First time reviewed on ISR

• Yew Chung International School Beijing China 8/21 evaluation 7
What is considered standard good practice in most countries is peddled as innovative. Newsflash, learning communities are nothing new!!!

• St. Gilgen International School Austria 8/21 evaluation 3
I just saw the previous reviews and I feel it is fair to share my experience. I really enjoyed my time at St. Gilgen…

• British School Bahrain 8/21 evaluation 15
I read all the reviews & decided to take a leap of faith. I haven’t regretted it. Staff & students are amazing but the downside is the HR & owners…

• Bangkok Preparatory International School Thailand 8/21 evaluation 6
The school has lost its finest students and teachers in the last couple of years…

• Qatar Academy Doha Qatar 8/18 evaluation 23
Be cautious if you intend to accept a role here as many more benefit cuts will tip the balance away from a favourable experience…

• Guangdong Country Garden School China 8/18 evaluation 21
If you enjoy working at a 3rd tier training centre, or in an old fashioned, badly run Chinese company you might like it at BGY…

• British School Brasilia Brazil 8/18 evaluation 2
In my experience, this school will offer nothing but a cauldron of empty promises…

• American School Douala Cameroon 8/17 First time reviewed on ISR

• International School Macao China 8/17 evaluation 17
A supportive and friendly environment. Its administration are very approachable and caring towards their staff…

• British School Kathmandu Nepal 8/17 evaluation 13
At first it looked like a great place to work; well equipped, comprehensive CPD and the support of the SLT. How wrong I was!…

• Yew Chung International School Beijing China 8/16 evaluation 6
The money is good and many teachers get through their time with eyes on the pay out at the end of the contract…

• Hong Qiao International School China 8/16 evaluation 10
The campus is continuously being built and construction goes on during school hours and is never 100% safe…

• Luanda International School Angola 8/16 evaluation 51
LIS is somewhere you will need to have a very thick skin and a strong ability to turn the other cheek…

• Qatar Academy Doha Qatar 8/15 evaluation 22
Life in Doha is 100% what you make it. You have to put in the effort to get out satisfaction. Sometimes it requires a lot of effort…

• International School Dhaka Bangladesh 8/15 evaluation 19
An amazing country and incredible people. But don’t expect to have a nice time working for the present management…

• Beanstalk International Bilingual School China 8/15 evaluation 14
It is difficult to write this review but necessary knowing how much I relied on ISR to help me make my decision…

• Singapore International School (Kinderworld) Vietnam 8/15 evaluation 18
Teachers are not evaluated on their experience, skills or professionalism. Teaching is secondary…

• Western International School Shanghai China 8/14 evaluation 2
WISS is excellent school to work at, whether you are a newly qualified teacher or an experienced educator…

• Jakarta Intercultural School Indonesia 8/14 evaluation 15
The crisis and slashing of teacher salaries and benefits as well as very poor admin have all contributed to the serious decline of this school…

• King’s College Panama 8/14 evaluation 7
This is the first time in my international teaching career that I am breaking contract. This does not sit well with me…

• King’s College Doha Qatar 8/11 First time reviewed on ISR

• Luanda International School Angola 8/11 evaluation 50
We are continually asked for patience. Enough is enough…

• La Garenne International School Switzerland 8/10 First time reviewed on ISR

• Nansha College Preparatory Academy China 8/10 evaluation 10
It took a few years to work out what it meant to be an EAL school, but it seems every year the vision and curriculum get clearer…

• International Community School Jordan 8/10 evaluation 11
In my two years there, ICS fell dramatically in quality of leadership and behaviour management policy…

• American Baccalaureate School Kuwait 8/9 evaluation 25
The school treats its employees like highly disposable chattel, high expectations with poor quality, unreasonable resources…

• Singapore International School (Kinderworld) Vietnam 8/9 evaluation 17
Wonderful kids and nice families, however, the students suffer due to lack of resources and high teacher turn over…

• Al Sahwa Schools Oman 8/9 evaluation 20
This school is unusual in that it is an IB school with a local population and international and Arabic staff. This raises many challenges…

• Saint Joseph School Dominican Republic 8/8 First time reviewed on ISR

• Dulwich College Beijing China 8/8 evaluation 4
Beijing is a very competitive market and Dulwich sees itself as the best school in the city and indeed the world…

• Etonhouse Prep Seoul Korea 8/7 evaluation 5
Everything that’s been mentioned below is spot on but, in my opinion, has been far too considerate of the school and it’s management…

• Gyeongnam International Foreign School Korea 8/7 evaluation 18
Much more money has been provided for “materials” than for retaining the teachers to provide and continue instruction…

• Charis International School Malaysia 8/4 First time reviewed on ISR

• Etonhouse Prep Seoul Korea 8/4 evaluation 4
All foreign staff have now been given deportation orders…

• Edison International Academy Qatar 8/4 evaluation 13
I liked Qatar and I loved my kids, but the school is going down hill fast…

• Oxford International School Kyrgyzstan 8/3 evaluation 4
Staff turnover is high. In the first 2 years at Oxford the school has been through 3 directors and OVER 40 international staff…

• English School Kyrenia Cyprus 8/3 evaluation 3
Teachers spend the first year of their contract discovering the failings of the school and the second looking for another job…

• Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School Turkey 8/2 evaluation 6
I would say that the school is undeveloped in terms of it’s communication and strategies…

• Busan Foreign School Korea 8/2 evaluation 15
All in all, BFS is a great school with a really supportive staff. The students are amazing and work so hard…

• Rabat American School Morocco 8/1 evaluation 6
For those of us who are experienced, the school frowns upon us going ‘outside of the curriculum’…

• Haileybury Almaty Kazakhstan 8/1 evaluation 14
I would say that in my two years at the school I watched the staff morale improve from average to fairly high…

• British School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 8/1 evaluation 7
I had a great quality of life, the students were friendly and the majority of the staff worked together to form a brilliant team…

Director & Principal Reports

• Rupert Cox 8/22 (Director Report 2)
Greengates School Mexico

• Cory Carson 8/18 (Principal Report 2)
Qatar Academy Doha Qatar

• Ted Langlais 8/17 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

American School Douala Cameroon

• Mary Kelly 8/17 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Canadian Bilingual School Kuwait

• Jake Leyba 8/16 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Vision International School Qatar

• Carolina Hazell Gainnetto 8/14 (Principal Report 2)
St. Francis College Brazil

• Jenny Roosmalen 8/11 (Director Report 2)
Guangzhou Nanfang International School China

• Alan Raymond Jones 8/11 (Principal Report 2)
British International School Ukraine

• Gregory Mean 8/10 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

La Garenne International School Switzerland

• Becky Read 8/10 (Principal Report 4)
Shanghai American School Pudong China

• Stuart Kent 8/9 (Principal Report 2)
Seoul Foreign School Korea

• Brian Johnson 8/8 (Director Report 6)
Canadian International School Egypt

• Frank Smida 8/8 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Canadian International School of Egypt

• Papy Mukenge 8/8 (Principal Report 2)
Canadian International School of Egypt

• David Miller 8/7 (Director Report 2)
Yangon Academy International School Myanmar

• John Ha 8/7 (Director Report 2)
Gyeongnam International Foreign School Korea

• Charles Campbell 8/7 (Principal Report 3)
Gyeongnam International Foreign School Korea

• Andrew Frezludeen 8/4 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR 
TEDA International School China

• Hector MacDonald 8/3 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
English School Kyrenia Cyprus

• Matt Shannon 8/2 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Colegio Bolivar Colombia

Full List of Reviewed Schools
July 2017