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October Additions To ISR

Full List of Reviewed Schools
September 2017

The Comments Below are Excerpts from the Full Length Reviews. ISR Hosts In-Depth, Candid Assessments of International Schools.

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New School Reviews

• Beijing World Youth Academy China 10/20 evaluation 14
I have spent several very happy years at BWYA and have nothing but gratitude for the opportunities given and the way I was treated…

• Shanghai Community Int’l School Pudong China 10/20 evaluation 39
I had a great time at SCIS. The staff, the admin and the kids are all fantastic to work with…

• International School Ruhr Germany 10/20 evaluation 2
The school’s admin has suffered many changes during the years, and has passed on from leader to leader creating an atmosphere of uncertainty…

• Canadian International School Egypt 10/20 evaluation 11
I was hired to be a HS teacher but they just made me accept the contract to use me as an ES teacher…

• InterAmerican Academy Guayaquil Ecuador 10/20 evaluation 6
The Board is running the school, with the Interim Director as a puppet. Save your career and don’t accept a contract here…

• Walworth Barbour American International School Israel 10/20 evaluation 9
If you can keep your head down, avoid the drama, and stay out of the fray then this is a great place to work…

• Qabas Oman School Oman 10/19 First time reviewed on ISR

• Walworth Barbour American International School Israel 10/19 evaluation 8
The amazing country and child friendly atmosphere still exist, but I am worried about the reputation of this school…

• Beanstalk International Bilingual School China 10/19 evaluation 15
I have been wanting to write this review for a long time, but I thought it would be wiser to write it after leaving the school…

• Uskudar American Academy Turkey 10/18 evaluation 6
I really liked the school when I began but in recent years staff morale has dropped significantly…

• Renaissance International School Vietnam 10/18 evaluation 21
At the end of contracts this year, most secondary teachers were not renewed. It is not a school you can hope to settle into…

• The Harbour School Hong Kong 10/18 evaluation 2
This is an inclusive school, meaning that 20% of its students do require learning support, 50% are mainstream, 15% are “gifted”…

• Muscat International School Oman 10/18 evaluation 23 Rubric Only

• British School Warsaw Poland 10/17 evaluation 3
The work life balance at the school is not good, but I do believe things will settle down…

• Xi’an Hanova International School China 10/17 evaluation 7
There are a lot of things to do in Xian once you figure out how to get around. Xian is extremely polluted…

• SCIS Hangzhou International School China 10/17 evaluation 38
I could not resist the opportunity to write a review of HIS from a parents perspective who has been with the school for more than 6 years…

• Concordia International School China 10/16 evaluation 8 Rubric Only

• Oxford International School Kyrgyzstan 10/16 evaluation 5
Over 40 international staff have left in two year and the school is now onto its fourth director…

• Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) UAE 10/16 evaluation 38
The school, with the backing of ADNOC had the potential to be AMAZING!!! But, has serious flaws in Administration and HR…

• Scholars International Academy UAE 10/13 First time reviewed on ISR

• Al Maha Academy Girls Division Qatar 10/13 evaluation 40
I have loved teaching, and this place has made me hate it!

• International School Dhaka Bangladesh 10/13 evaluation 25
What was a decent place to work has easily become the most toxic workplace I have ever been…

• Casablanca American School Morocco 10/13 evaluation 45
Has had a lot of problems, but there are many changes that have come into play this past year that promise good things…

• QSI International School of Chengdu China 10/13 evaluation 6
Chengdu is a cancer cluster. It’s particularly bad for childhood cancers. Some days the water isn’t even safe to bathe in…

• Shen Wai International School China 10/13 evaluation 8
I used to think reviews were written by angry former employees & didn’t put much stock in them. After being at this school, I’ve changed my mind…

• Kajonkietsuksa School Group Thailand 10/12 First time reviewed on ISR

• European International School Vietnam 10/12 evaluation 8
The students are getting a good education and the teachers are being challenged to work hard by the managers…

• Shanghai American School Puxi Campus China 10/12 evaluation 33
No big picture, timeline, or idea what is actually going on in the classrooms. Meeting after meeting with no end in sight…

• Cebu International School Philippines 10/11 evaluation 11
The students at CIS are nice kids. The families are supportive for the most part. The package is adequate…

• Casablanca American School Morocco 10/11 evaluation 44
It’s an American curriculum, professional development is offered, but most often used to see other countries, not to learn anything new…

• Utahloy International School Guangzhou China 10/11 evaluation 21
There has been a lot of change in recent years and all for the better. Now all that is needed is some investment in technology…

• Tianjin International School China 10/10 First time reviewed on ISR

• Riffa Views International School Bahrain 10/10 evaluation 6
RVIS is a newer school and the facilities are really good. Perfect? No, but compared to some pretty good…

• International School Dhaka Bangladesh 10/10 evaluation 24
I hope the school can survive. I hope the Board realise what needs to be done and make the hard decisions…

• Miras Astana International School Kazakhstan 10/10 evaluation 3
The school is run in a Soviet-style bureaucracy. Expect to be dictated to. You have no power here…

• Al Shohub Private School UAE 10/9 First time reviewed on ISR

• Yew Chung International School Shanghai China 10/9 evaluation 37
The school pays very well. Its package is the envy of all others. But be mindful that its reputation is diminishing by the minute…

• International Bilingual School Hsinchu Taiwan 10/9 evaluation 9
The salary package increased by 25% over the last 2 years, which has drawn in some quality teachers…

• North London Collegiate School Korea 10/9 evaluation 10
The leaders are solid and caring, but have no control over the school…

• Harrow International School Thailand 10/9 evaluation 8
Great students, hardworking and friendly; great staff and good school leadership all combined to make my time there enjoyable…

• Nantong Stalford International School China 10/9 evaluation 5
NTSIS is masquerading as a international school when it is in fact a bilingual school…

• Australian International School Vietnam 10/9 evaluation 3
If you value education, care about the needs of children or have any enthusiasm for education, stay clear…

• Colegio Hispano Britanico Lanzarote Spain 10/6 First time reviewed on ISR

• GEMS International School Al Khail UAE 10/6 evaluation 2
The main issue is that it’s a for-profit school and part of a corporation where students are profit and teachers are cogs in a machine…

• Livingston American School Shanghai China 10/6 evaluation 6
This is not a proper school and it is bewildering to me that it can claim to be one, especially an accrediated one…

• Vision International School Qatar 10/6 evaluation 9
I am a new faculty member and thus far am very happy. From the moment I was hired, there has been thorough communication…

• Ras Al Khaimah Academy UAE 10/5 evaluation 17
If you have the courage to keep your head down and do your job PROPERLY then you can actually survive here…

• International Pioneers School Thailand 10/5 evaluation 2
If IPS intends to move forward & continue to grow & hope to achieve WASC accreditation, many things will have to change…

• Shenyang Pacific International Academy China 10/5 evaluation 12
There’s no academic integrity & the average student’s English ability is so low they cannot possibly pass courses…

• Churchill School Mexico 10/5 evaluation 2
Your acceptance letter will detail the salary, meal vouchers, & housing allowance, but fails to tell you that there is a 28% income tax…

• Jakarta Intercultural School Indonesia 10/5 evaluation 16
You need to be informed and that is what I want to do with my review. Inform potential teachers before they sign on…

• Cairo English School Egypt 10/5 evaluation 16
This school is a great place for a teaching couple or a single person but not for a single income family…

• Leysin American School Switzerland 10/4 evaluation 10
The school does not pay a real Swiss salary. The school treats everybody there like the cheap immigrant labor they are…

• Seoul Foreign School Korea 10/4 evaluation 11
A school with a stellar reputation, but the past few years and the current HOS, may see that changing…

• European International School Vietnam 10/4 evaluation 7
It is a community school but the community is not harmonious with massive divides between management and staff…

• Dulwich College Shanghai China 10/4 evaluation 12
When you go into the staff room people are laid out on the chairs from exhaustion and it’s not even noon, teachers looked stressed out and sad…

• Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) UAE 10/4 evaluation 37
Aldar Academies are taking over read about their notorious reputation in their UAE schools…

• United World College Thailand 10/3 evaluation 3
Teachers are treated as replaceable bottomless pits of expenditure…

• Aldar Academies UAE 10/3 evaluation 8
Do not expect to receive what is promised to you, even if it’s in a signed contract, because you will be sorely disappointed…

• St. Joseph’s Institution International Malaysia 10/2 First time reviewed on ISR

• Nantong Stalford International School China 10/2 evaluation 4
The school is committed to providing professional development that will enhance teaching and learning in the classrooms…

• American School Dubai UAE 10/2 evaluation 9
ASD is really trying to be a big dog. It is a shiny facility with great resources and a great new superintendent…

• Vision International School Qatar 10/2 evaluation 8
I would not come at all, if you want to practice your teaching craft. It’s simply crowd control past the second grade…

Director & Principal Reports

• Shary Lyssy Marshall 10/19 (Principal Report 2)
Walworth Barbour American International School Israel

• Mike Downs 10/19 (Director Report 2)
Walworth Barbour American International School Israel

• Iain Fish 10/18 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
European International School Vietnam

• Brian Ó Maoileoin 10/18 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
United World College South East Asia Singapore

• Joanne Prabhu 10/17 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
British School Warsaw Poland

• Alun Yorath 10/17 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
British School Warsaw Poland

• Amy Hansen-Bhutta 10/16 (Principal Report 5)
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) UAE

• Leland Anderson 10/13 (Principal Report) 
First time reviewed on ISR
RDF International School China

• Mark Ulfers 10/12 (Director Report 3)
American School Paris France

• Steve Calland Scoble 10/12 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
ACS Doha International School Qatar

• Blair Lee 10/11 (Principal Report 3)
Seoul Foreign School Korea

• Robert Vandereyken 10/11 (Director Report 2)
Casablanca American School Morocco

• Ildiko Murray 10/10 (Principal Report 2)
International School Dhaka Bangladesh

• Steven Butlin 10/10 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Miras International School Astana Kazakhstan

• Yelena Khamitova 10/10 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Miras International School Astana Kazakhstan

• Lee Hole 10/6 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

GEMS International School Al Khail UAE

• Faustina Martinez 10/6 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Livingston American School China

• Jake Leyba 10/6 (Principal Report 3)
Vision International School Qatar

• Marc Ott 10/4 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Leysin American School Switzerland

• Phillipe Caron 10/3 (Principal Report 2)
American Cooperative School Tunis Tunisia

• Kim Neeta Sahi 10/3 (Principal Report 7)
Shanghai United International School China

• Nigel Winnard 10/3 (Director Report 5)
Khartoum International Community School Sudan

• Jake Leyba 10/2 (Principal Report 2)
Vision International School Qatar

Full List of Reviewed Schools
September 2017