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Full List of Reviewed Schools
November 2022

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New School Reviews

• Nishimachi International School Japan 12/2 review 13
Admin are too busy & overworked. So is everyone else… [396 words]

• American International School Vietnam 12/2 review 43
There is truth to the other posts on ISR… [204 words]

• Miras International School Almaty Kazakhstan 12/2 review 18
There are hardly any resources… [653 words]

• International Trilingual School Poland 12/1
First time reviewed on ISR [450 words]

• Swiss International Scientific School Dubai UAE 12/1 review 9
ISR is under representative of the toxic feeling here… [432 words]

• BASIS International School Shenzhen China 12/1 review 18
Please, do not go to China at this time… [731 words]

Director & Principal Reports

• Lynn Pendleton 12/1 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Shanghai Community International School China

Full List of Reviewed Schools
November 2022