International School Scam Alert

Scams Designed to Cheat International Educators

Dear ISR, Please check out the following international job offer and warn teachers who read International Schools Review that it’s nothing more than a scam to fool teachers that want to teach abroad.

This job offer has been posted around on the internet for a school said to be located in Spain. The contact person goes by the name of Arnau Javier: The school Director is named as Philip Ordyka. He uses the email address:

The process this ‘school’ uses to ‘hook’ unsuspecting international teachers and grab their money is to 1) gather information, 2) make a bogus offer to the teacher, and then 3) ask for some money for two months’ rent for an apartment at their location.

I am always wary of “international schools” who have no internet presence or mention on the internet at all, except for one employment offer. Thanks to a fellow ESL teacher who visited the address listed and could find NO school. It’s a good thing there is always someone out there who is looking after others.

Signed: Wary International Teacher

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