10 Tough Questions You May or May Not Want to Ask

Use your intuition and check reviews on the ISR web site. If you have suspicions about the integrity of a school, you may want to consider asking one or more of the following questions. If the interviewer takes offense that should be your clue.

1. How would your staff describe you?

2. Please tell me about how you recently solved a situation with an employee.

3. What have you done in the past two months to foster increased staff morale?

4. Has anyone broken a contract in the last two years?

5. Why did my predecessor leave? May I contact this person?

6. Has any employee sued the school in the past 5 years?

7. May I pick an employee at random from your school directory and contact that person?

8. On what basis are grades awarded? Will I be supported should any students fail?

9. Although I have strong classroom management skills, please tell me about any administrative support I will receive to help with students that continually refuse to follow rules.

10. Are you aware of the International Schools Review web site and what do you think about it?