Contract Satisfaction

We’re receiving numerous letters asking about international teaching contracts. What should be included and what to keep an eye out for are just a few of the questions at the top of the list. We direct your attention to our recent Contract Satisfaction Survey in which teachers discuss what they like and dislike about their contracts; and what they would include if they were the ones designing a contract. Originally posted in 2008, we feature this article today as it is most pertinent during recruiting season.

More than 100 teachers responded to our Contract Satisfaction Survey. Their responses are both candid and to the point and we feel there’s a lot of knowledge to be gleaned from reading what our colleagues have volunteered to share with us all.

We have posted the responses to the Contract Satisfaction Survey in their complete form, with a separate web page devoted to the answers to each question–this seemed like the most logical way to present such a wide variety of responses. Plus, in this format, you are free to draw your own conclusions as required by your individual situation.

Survey Results

  • Are you satisfied with your teaching contract? Yes 32% / No 44% /  In-between 24%

  • If you are satisfied with your contract, please explain what points make the contract a “good” contract. Example: shipping allowance, flights home, housing, salary, medical insurance, etc. Go to results

  • If you are not satisfied with your contract please explain what points you are dissatisfied with and why? Go to results

  • If you were designing an international teaching contract, what would you consider the top most important points to be included? Go to results

  • Do you feel your school honors your contract to the letter, or is your contract worth little more than the paper it is written on? Please explain. Go to results

  • Under what circumstances do you feel it would be appropriate to break an international teaching contract? Go to results

  • Under what circumstances do you feel it is inappropriate to break an international teaching contract? Go to results

  • Have you ever broken an international teaching contract? Yes 18% No 82%

  • Briefly, what led to breaking your contract and did you leave before the end of the school year? Go to results

  • What action, if any, did the school take in response to your decision to break your contract? Was the school supportive and willing to work with you in an attempt to remedy the situation? Go to results

  • Did you report the incident to your recruiting agency and what was their response? What action did they take, if any? Go to results

  • If given the opportunity, what would you have done differently when you realized you wanted to break your contract? Go to results

  • Please explain anything the school could have done differently during the recruiting process that might have allowed you to see, in advance, that this was not going to be the “right” school for you? Go to results