For ease of reading we have compiled the results to the remaining questions of our Contract Satisfaction Survey on this page. The number “1” reply to each survey question is the sequential response of one teacher to the remaining questions. Likewise, all number “2” responses belong to the same teacher. We have followed this procedure for the answers to each of our survey questions related to breaking contract on this page.

Survey Question

What led to breaking your International School teaching contract and did you leave before the end of the school year?


  1. I broke contract because we were not comfortable with the medical care in the country. Also were not happy with the teaching load I was given. Too much. We left at the end of the school year.

  2. My family was tied up and robbed at home by two men at gunpoint. School did nothing to assure it would not happen again. Finished year, but decided not to return for the fourth year after same thing happened to our best friend’s family.

  3. I left the end of the school year. The hiring official lied about taxes (were, according to her, 18%, but were really 28%, on a salary deep in the poverty level. Also, was having us work illegally in the country because the school couldn’t get us work visas, although she repeatedly pretended they could. (My work visa came through 10 days before the end of the school year. Meanwhile, I was banned from the country for 6 months because the Consulate wouldn’t renew my tourist visa. All the time school records with the Department of Education had to be fabricated, since I was working illegally (and the Consulate in Chicago suspected such). That was just the beginning. But the difference in my value system and hers was too much….I notified the school in December I wouldn’t be returning the second year.

  4. Renegotiated a contract from to year to one year as change in conditions and teaching load made it unviable

  5. The sanitary conditions were unacceptable with rodents in the house and at the school. I stayed the full year

  6. School board broke its own policies without consent of the administration, the local staff was anything but friendly and helpful in my settling in, there was no mention of my having to be involved with an IB program when I was hired, but I was stuck trying it without being given any training, I found out too late that the school had a reputation for having problems.

  7. I signed on for a second 2 year contract but only stayed for 1 extra year. I did not leave before the end of the year. I found the heat was affecting my health and also my husband who is older than me found it too hot.

  8. The school was sabotaging my husband, changing passwords, erasing data, bypassing licenses. We were convinced they were going to let me finish the year, believing I would be principal next year, then fire him knowing I would follow. We left for America while there were still jobs left to get here.

  9. I was raped by a school official, and lost a baby within a few months of each other. The rapist was a relative of the school’s dean, and when he was convicted, the family lost face (and money) in a big way. When school officials began to turn against us, pulling the plug on a major project without explanation, changing grades, punishing students who had been close to us with poor work assignments, and having public criticism meetings to humiliate teachers who had been our friends, our embassies (I’m a dual citizen) advised us to leave as they could not protect us in the case of further trouble. We left for the summer, and didn’t return, though we left our library (5000 volumes), computers, photocopier and furniture as compensation.

  10. The situation is scary. we are belittled, bullied and slandered by the admin. I am completing one full year only, not the two.

  11. I did not break contract but my school fired me unjustly. The owner, a megalomaniac, psychotic refused to allow foreign universities to talk to our graduating classes, but did not tell me. when I invited a number to present to our kids, they were turned away at the gate! I asked the headmaster to see the owner and explain that we were a college prep. school and US certified, therefore OBLIGED to accept foreign schools to meet our students. When I returned from summer holidays, after receiving a promotion, I received an e-mail telling me I was dismissed!

  12. Marital Breakdown. I waited until the end of the school year.

  13. I was seriously accused, attacked and aggressed for the Principal with no basis at all. Even students supported me. I finished the school year.

  14. They stopped paying! I’m the one that wrote the Future Window IS Review.

  15. I left to be with a man (the man was a big mistake, leaving was the right decision) I left at the end of 1 year.

  16. Reluctantly, because there were difficulties in the working situation out of my control and relating to another teacher who was insecure and could not cope with any (there were several teaching staff required to work in the room from time to time) teachers working in the classroom. this teacher became so fragile that unprofessional and rude behavior resulted in the presence of children. Senior staff were kept informed by me at all times and made token attempts to resolve the situation but admitted they were powerless as they could not lose that teacher at that crucial teaching time. their solution was to with draw all support staff from the room, however this did not totally resolve the situation as there was still contact due to the learning requirements of students and the other teacher was still uncooperative.

  17. I was dismissed after I signed up for a new agreed upon contract. The school actually reneged. 

Survey Question

What action, if any, did the school take in response to your decision to break your contract? Was the school supportive and willing to work with you in an attempt to remedy the situation?


  1. No action was taken, the school was very understanding and supportive.

  2. None

  3. Couldn’t take any officially, since I wasn’t in the country legally. However, the school does still owe me $3400 of my pay. Promised to give it to me, but never did. No support from the school….just threats.

  4. (Academy) initially reluctant but then reasonably supportive although CIS helped as well.

  5. They remedied the situation at home, but not at school. Rodents still roam freely. the headmaster was very supportive, however the Board of Directors cared little. I was also prohibited from going on a school trip and penalized $2500 USD for not staying a second year.

  6. They couldn’t do anything that I know of because I didn’t return. They did nothing to help me.

  7. When I spoke to them they were very supportive, but they did not give me a good reference to CIS

  8. The school was vindictive and retaliatory. They threatened us with felony theft, punitive damages, the loss of our licenses, etc. We are awaiting charges.

  9. We wrote a tactful letter from abroad explaining that we could not return do to my health problems (which was true – my mental health was shot!) and offering our possessions in compensation. We left China with almost nothing, and it took 8 years to recover emotionally. I’m now back in China, in a different province, and very happy!

  10. They could care less except about the money. they will not give me all my summer pay, despite my completing a full year of employment.

  11. I threatened to sue the school both nationally and in the US since they were US certified. They accepted to pay me a year’s salary and the headmaster gave me good recommendations.

  12. School did not give me positive letter of reference as they felt the reason was not serious enough. I obviously felt otherwise.

  13. It happened almost at the end of the year (three weeks before). No actions were taken. I just know the Principal was fired the following year because this and other similar situations. I am sure he did his best in order I would never work again at an international school… That shows how it works…

  14. They tried to extort $6000 to cover all costs. Threatened to sue for lost tuition if any kids pulled out as a result of our leaving.

  15. No action taken against me. I had no discussion with the school about it.

  16. The school asked me to reconsider, however could not offer any solutions that were workable. I have not received any international offers since, and previously had many which leads me to believe that I have been blacklisted as my references are from the school

  17. I was given 6 hours notice, no repatriation, no excuses or cause was given.

Survey Question

Did you report the incident to your recruiting agency and what was their response? What action did they take, if any?


  1. No

  2. No

  3. Didn’t. No point. Nothing would be done. This Director still recruits there and is part of the “good old boy” network, so continues to operate in this manner,

  4. yes – supplied advice

  5. n/a

  6. No, because I felt I would be blackballed by the agency.

  7. No I didn’t – but I had already been at the school for 3 years so I didn’t think it was necessary.

  8. No. I didn’t think of it. I have been told that recruiting agencies refuse to work with this school. I will check that out.

  9. Wasn’t hired through a recruiting agency

  10. I am yet to do this, as I am scared about repercussions. I’m keeping my head down, doing my time, and if I lose some money, so be it. I need to get away. They are such that I expect to lose more than they have admitted so far. I hear of teachers being charged for school supplies such as rulers that students broke. Naturally at well above the purchase price.

  11. I did report the school to my SA recruiter but they still have ads running for the school on their SA web site.

  12. No recruitment agency was involved.

  13. Yes. To Search Associates. I explained to them all details about what happened with letters and documents as well. Their response was nothing. They told me I had to re-open the whole file again etc. A lot of excuses. I know I was blackballed not only by them… In their world, they are always right.

  14. Yes, Search banned them from fairs.

  15. No agency was involved.

  16. No recruiting agency at that time

  17. The lawyers will not allow me to report this to the recruiters until the conclusion of legal action. The Government here is very helpful and allowing pursuit of an employer that broke the law on many counts. You cannot report these places. They torpedo your attempts to secure future employment – unofficially and verbally. 

Survey Question

If given the opportunity, what would you have done differently when you realized you wanted to break your contract?


  1. No

  2. Nothing

  3. Nothing. It was all over legal requirements. There is no need for me to be in a country illegally, risking imprisonment and deportation. There are plenty of place to go to work legally.

  4. Nothing

  5. Later I found out that other teachers would be released from their contracts without penalty. I would have insisted for the penalty to be removed for staying the whole school year.

  6. Possibly finish the school year. As it was, I was able to find another job for the remainder of the school year.

  7. No, I was completely honest with my employer and I would be so again if similar circumstances arose.

  8. Given the extreme lack of ethics of this school, I think the only thing we could have done was not accept the contract in the first place.

  9. Hmm. I think we handled the situation as diplomatically and honorably as we could, given that we felt that our lives, and our child, might be in serious danger of reprisals by the rapist’s family.

  10. Just packed and gone! The whole scenario is hidious, the kids, the parents and the admin. even some co-workers (Fundamentalist Muslims) are unpleasant. They spy and tattle in many cases so you can’t even relax at work in the lounge (separate for each gender).

  11. If I had known, in advance of what was planned by the owner…I would have spoken to the headmaster and the Board and explained the value and obligations our college prep school had.

  12. I would do the same again.

  13. I would have accused the Principal and asked the school to fire him if they wanted me to stay.

  14. Nothing. Did a runner at xmas when I had an exit visa.

  15. Nothing. It was the right thing for me at the time.

  16. Not sure. The situation was played out over a period of a year and it had deteriorated to the extent my health was suffering

  17. There was no opportunity to do anything different. I was sacked. I might have seen it coming if I had not been invited to sign a new contract.

Survey Question

Please explain anything the school could have done differently during the recruiting process that might have allowed you to see, in advance, that this was not going to be the “right” school for you?


  1. Be up front about the job, the medical, the school, the country, the good and the bad, be honest, don’t only try to be a salesman

  2. Provided secure housing.

  3. Simply have been honest about visas, taxes, etc.

  4. Accurate portrayal of location of living conditions and teaching assignment

  5. They could have revealed the true nature of daily living where I am. That it is not an ideal location for single females, that there are many creatures roaming freely in houses, classrooms, and the streets. I would have wanted to know that few people go out after sunset and that there is little to do in the area where teachers are housed. I would have also liked to have a more accurate description of the percentage savings as the cost of living has increased and the salary has not.

  6. They could have been honest about their programs and their history of problems. They could have said that I would be on my own without help in a new country and job position.

  7. No – there was no blame to be placed on the school for my wanting to break the contract.

  8. If the school revealed how corrupt, inefficient, and ineffective they are, no one would ever work for them.

  9. Nothing. Wasn’t their fault that the dean’s son was a violent sexual offender.

  10. Honesty! There may be a waiting list, but only because there aren’t enough teachers, not because its ‘selective’. There is a character education program which they are very proud of but they have no discipline or consequences for students, only teachers. Had they said they were fundamentalists, I would have known I would never have been a fit for them, and vice versa. they kept this well hidden, until even work had started.

  11. It was the right school until the crazy owner began to interfere in the daily operations. This was right out of the blue and the headmaster helped me a lot but he was blind sided as well. This was, however, not the first time something like this had happened.

  12. School could have had a better understanding that a British-run style school is very different from an “international school”.

  13. It was the right school. But I would say very often schools do not have the right people in positions of responsibility. It is all about “power” and mediocre people playing directors.

  14. Nothing. They duped everyone including a very well established and respected Director who they also duped after hiring him to run the school.

  15. When I was at the school I made it clear I was unhappy and the rest of the staff were locals who were all in the same horrid situation and had resigned themselves to their lot and were sympathetic but no help.

  16. The school could have told the truth about their priorities in curriculum and the treatment of couples with children. The could have told the truth about the cost of living. They could have told the truth about the random nature of private intervention in the school and the complete lack of accountability and transparency. 14 people were fired over an 18 month period, mostly at the behest of a terrible, paranoid, ineffective headmaster that lied at every turn. Turns out that he did this in 2 previous positions, too.

  17. The problem was that the school did not follow the contract to the letter. All teachers were aware of the teaching conditions referred to in the contract but in reality this did not work, as it was only words on the paper