Survey Question

If you are satisfied with your International School contract, please explain what points make the contract a “good” contract. Example: shipping allowance, flights home, housing, salary, medical insurance, etc.


Shipping allowance (in and out), annual flight home, medical and dental insurance, housing allowance, personal leave days, professional development allowance to spend as I choose.

Shipping allowance, flights, insurance, medical – incl. dental, housing, schooling, car loan, ability for pay advances (rarely used but a godsend when needed), relocation allowance, longevity allowance, recruitment leave, personal leave provisions, maternity/paternity, bereavement leave.

Salary, housing supplement, medical.

I was satisfied with my contract at my last school–shipping allowance, housing allowance, COLA, longevity, horizontal and reasonable vertical steps, flights, no taxes in the country of the school, medical insurance was good (major and minor, USA and in the country…acupuncture was even covered!) And fantastic retirement. (Goodness, I am beginning to wonder why I ever left!)

A good health care program.

Sick days, date we are paid to, how to get out of the contact, includes costs covered or not covered, emergency evacuation procedures, labour law in that country, shipping allowance, medical insurance.

Good housing allowance and medical insurance. Help with visas.

1. salary 2. substantial retirement contributions by employer 3. adequate shipping allowance 4. teacher flats or help finding one 5. grade or subject to be taught specified 6. flights home every year.

Excellent medical coverage for my WHOLE family; generous PD allowance (US$500 per year or up to $1,000 for EARCOS events; housing allowance that goes up as area rents do; two personal days/year and 8 days for sick leave if I or a dependent is sick; shipping allowance, flight allowance and housing allowance paid in cash each month so I get it even if I choose not to fly, live in an expensive apartment, or ship goods home; 10 week maternity, 2 weeks paternity leave – also for adoption; salary now set in local currency to protect against losses due to exchange fluctuations, but portion of salary can still be paid in US$; school provides temporary housing when new hires arrive and helps find permanent housing; school bus meets us at the airport at the beginning of each year and delivers us home, at no cost.

Shipping, settling, and travel allowances are all generous. Salary is fair, housing and medical coverage is sufficient.

Shipping allowance, flight, housing, salary, medical, basically everything that should be in a good overseas contract.

Shipping allowance is enough so that I could bring what I wanted to bring. I get a trip home every year which is paid for which is appreciated. The housing provided is of a level that we are happy with. We get a daily transport allowance, which is standard in Japan. We pay a lot for medical insurance but have no choice in provider and we don’t know the details of our insurance i.e. what it will cover etc so this is a little bug bear.

Shipping allowance, medical insurance, salary, housing, flights home, resettling allowance, retirement plan, professional development

My contract is very specific about travel benefits, medical and dental, housing allowances, relocation 
expenses, etc. In addition, the salary scale is included in the contract; there are no secrets here.

End of contract payment, housing allowance option, transfer to another school in the same country option, probation period, professional development provision, pay scale, no weird punitive things, evacuation in time of war, etc.

Ample money to live on, housing allowance is adequate, great health plan, annual home travel.

Salary in the mid $40,000, fully furnished housing (200 square meter apartment), utilities paid, bottled water paid, annual flights home, bereavement leave including return flight, tuition for dependents, TIECARE medical insurance, $900 Wellness which can be used for dental, vision, gym membership, bicycles, golf clubs, massages,etc; This is provided for each family member. 10 sick days per year, which may be accrued for 5 years, or cashed in at half price, 4 personal days which, if not used, are bought back at full per diem. Generous shipping allowance and settling in allowance, retirement benefits.

I think it covers all the basic points such as shipping allowance, settling-in allowance etc.

It’s not so much the individual features, although they matter – it’s more that the school delivers exactly what they promise – because obviously you do not sign a contract in the first place if it is not what you are looking for.

Salary, Retirement(Savings Potential), Shipping Allowance, Travel Allowance, Tax Assistance(Tax Rebates), Resigning Bonus, Activities Stipend.

Transparency in contract; questions answered reasonably quickly; is comprehensive (health; flights; rental allowance).

Shipping allowance both in an out, full health care including dental, fully furnished accommodation that is of a good (Western) standard or an allowance that allows you to rent such, education paid for children at least one per contract, visa application process and payment fully done by the school in a timely manner, good travel yearly travel allowance mid contract as well as in and out at beginning and end, pd allowance each year, tax free salary over $40,000, retirement fund, laptop supplied to each teacher, settling in allowance on arrival.

Furnished housing, medical insurance.

Annual travel allowance, huge shipping allowance, medical and dental cover, bonuses, excellent care over new arrivals and housing issues.

Good salary, insurance, housing, work load.

Clearly defined duties. shipping, flights , return at end of contract if signing for a new contract. Salary / housing I prefer housing to be provided but if the salary is sufficient and there is help settling in finding housing etc. Medical.

salary, r/t flight, medical insurance, housing.

shipping allowance to and from, annual flights home, adequate housing allowance, medical insurance with little or no deductible. dental insurance.

Reasonable health care, good salary, flights home, professional development funds, holiday time, personal days, excellent housing.

Pay is good, most benefits align to expectations. Job satisfaction is key!

Shipping allowance, annual air fare at high season allowance, salary, medical insurance, $1000 us PD allowance per year, 20 days sick leave per year, 179 work days.

Moving in allowance -Investment options -Cost of living increases -Competitive salaries.

I think a good contract is one that has a salary that is comparable with others in the area, allows for a minimum of 25% savings, and should include a yearly flight home, at least $1000/year for shipping, housing and utilities fully paid all year round, medical insurance should also be fully paid and be a good plan (ie. without huge hassles for reimbursements). A no absence bonus or allow for a certain number of sick/personal days.

Medical insurance, flights, black and white pay scale – a pay scale!

1. Full health 2. Housing provided 3. relocation allowance 4. Home leave airfare 5. Tax free status.

Annual flights home settling in allowance salary retirement.

Pay, bonus, shipping, flights,med, very clear and spelled out.

Yearly flights, also for dependants, salary, job, resources, size of home.

Global, comprehensive health insurance -a contract that is actually adhered to by the employer -not having things changed in the middle of a contract -steady improvements year to year – paying utilities, or having them subsidized to a certain dollar value – shipping allowance after completion of initial contract, ie. not used as a part of the resigning package.

Clear salary schedule; clearly stated policies on home leave, shipping, medical insurance options, housing allowance, extra teacher duties stipends.

Return flights and medical allowance for all family members. Accommodation paid for. Signing bonus. Gratuity allowance equal to one month’s salary. Free school placement for dependents. Financial recognition of qualifications and experience. Utilities covered in full. Professional Development opportunities.

Return flights and medical allowance for all family members.

Basic salary is good. Good shipping allowance, flight home every second year (would prefer annual). Housing allowance provided.

Shipping is good, housing is adequate, flights are good, medical seems good. All the basics are in place to make a smooth, business-like transition.

Absolute clarity and precision, duties, responsibilities, work hours, obligations clearly stated.