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Yantai Huasheng Int’l School China: Alleged cover-up of the deaths of two Korean students on field trip. News Article
South Korean government closes B.C. school: 14 teachers caught in ‘bureaucratic nightmare. News Article

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Featured Article 11/24/17

Be the Reason Someone Smiles

  It’s easy to take so much in our lives for granted: friends, family, health care, good food, clean water, shelter, employment…the list goes on. Life is good for International Educators! But not for everyone. Five minutes peering at the evening news is quick confirmation that we are among the fortunate. 

  This Thanksgiving season, ISR encourages you to pay it forward & perform random acts of kindness for a stranger or two. Make someone smile this Thanksgiving — Spread Good Will & Foster Kindness. It’s a wonderful way to give thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving from ISR

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