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New School Reviews

Chris Reed 4/30 (report 6)
NingBo International School China
American International School Hong Kong 4/30 evaluation 7 
School is run like a business; certainly not what I look for in a school…
Rainbow International School Korea 4/30 evaluation 4
I am going on my third year of teaching in this school and plan to stay for many more…
Dipont Education China 4/30 evaluation 11
Not a school, but a head-hunter agency for placing western teachers within Chinese government schools…
Martin Thompson 4/29 First time reviewed on ISR
International Academy Amman Jordan
Deira International School UAE 4/29 evaluation 16
I have to laugh and shake my head. This is an on-going behavioral paradigm!…  
RAK Academy (formerly Rakess) UAE 4/29 evaluation 7 
We were told we could continue the fight and appeal and even get our jobs reinstated but were advise…
John Bastable 4/26 (report 3)
International Community School Jordan
Escola Americana de Campinas Brazil 4/26 evaluation 3 
It’s been some time since I taughthere but I was struck by how closely recent posts match my experience…
Indus International School Hyderabad India 4/26 First time reviewed on ISR 
Carol Miller 4/25 First time reviewed on ISR
RAK Academy (formerly RAKESS) UAE
Jeff Smith 4/25 First time reviewed on ISR
Shanghai Community International School China
Hua Mao Multicultural Education Academy 4/5 evaluation 4 
MEA maintains high standard of education and co-curriculars, staff here is very friendly and hard working…
Casablanca American School Morocco 4/25 evaluation 36 
Once the school gets new leadership, I would recommend CAS. However, until then…
Greg Schellenberg 4/24 (report 4)
Shanghai Community International School China
Sascha Heckmann 4/24 (report 3)
Shanghai American School China
American School of Yaounde Cameroon 4/24 evaluation 10 
Those of us staying hope the coming year brings a director who will start moving toward…
John Bastable 4/23 (report 2)
International Community School Jordan
Tony Harduar 4/23 (report 4)
International School of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 4/23 evaluation 15
My time has been eventful! The school roller coasted itself & staff through a series of unfortunate incidents…
Anglo-American School Moscow 4/23 evaluation 17
Great employment package: pay, apartment, transport, etc. I feel like they generally do take care of you…
Katoh Gakuen Japan 4/23 evaluation 5
I enjoyed my life outside school immensely. I loved the students. The gossip environment was too much for me…
Mark Curnane 4/22 (report 3)
SRI KDU International School Malaysia
Bilkent Laboratory & International School Turkey 4/22 evaluation 21 
The Turkish staff is a wonderful group. If you get to know them, you will have great adventures with them…
Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar Malaysia 4/22 evaluation 4
I can honestly say this has been my best teaching experience. Students are very respectful & great to teach…
Sri KDU International School Malaysia 4/22 evaluation 4 
Despite lack of resources large amounts of money are put into marketing and large school events…
Al Maha Academy Qatar 4/22 evaluation 22
3 Principals in 2 years, and now new Deputy Heads, Secondary Heads, Assistant Heads, Pastoral Heads…
ACS Singapore 4/22 evaluation 7
Beautiful school, immaculately cleaned. Classrooms large w/plenty of windows. A/c in all rooms….
American International School Bucharest Romania 4/22 evaluation 21 
Bucharest is fun, package is great. Clubs everywhere. Lots to do and you even get a car…
Beijing International Bilingual Academy China 4/22 evaluation 5 
Coming from a highly professional & successful school, I was actually quite shocked and appalled…
Gao Wei 4/19 (report 2)
Beijing International Bilingual Academy
Paul Chemelik 4/19 (report 2)
International School Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Shanghai Singapore International School China 4/19 evaluation 11 
Striving for excellence is the motto…
International Community School Jordan 4/19 First time reviewed on ISR 
School board ‘now’ made up of mainly local parents who use their appointment as a platform to…
International School Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 4/19 evaluation 7 
Well-resourced school with high quality educators & administrators. Positive feeling on campuses…
Elsa High School Hong Kong 4/19 evaluation 2
Board & admin supportive of virtually any initiative that is educationally sound and fits our school profile…
British International School Budapest Hungary 4/19 evaluation 3 
Director is forward thinking creative professional who constantly looks for ways to improve the school…
Claudia Diaz 4/12 (report 2)
Montessori British School Colombia
Jakarta International School Indonesia 4/18 evaluation 13 
Our health benefits will be covered by a locally Indonesian managed firm…
Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar Malaysia 4/18 evaluation 3
The school LOOKS fantastic…
Renaissance College Hong Kong 4/18 evaluation 6
I fully understand that people have their own experiences and this forum allows the opportunity to express…
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 4/18 evaluation 14 
So we made it to April and another poor Head of Primary bites the dust! This is the 2nd of to leave this year…
Sander Fisser 4/17 First time reviewed on ISR
Netherlands International School Indonesia
Elaine Whelan 4/17 (report 7)
Utahloy International School Guangzhou China
Utahloy International School Guangzhou China 4/17 evaluation 16
If you desperately want to get into the world of IB and International schools this maybe just the right place…
Netherlands International School Jakarta 4/17 First time reviewed on ISR 
International School Dongguan China 4/16 First time reviewed on ISR
First year school in 2012-13. Physical plant is good in most departments…
Gulf English School Kuwait 4/16 evaluation 21
The plus side is a well-resourced school, experienced Head of primary, easy to manage primary pupils…
Ningbo Huamao Multi-Culture Education Center 4/16 evaluation 3 
Staff come from a dozen countries and there is strong collegiality. Students come from 30 different countries…
Susan Young 4/15 First time reviewed on ISR
American Embassy School-New Delhi India
Cavon Ahangarzadeh 4/15 First time reviewed on ISR
Access International Academy Ningbo China
Harry Brown 4/15 First time reviewed on ISR
Renaissance College Hong Kong
International School Bangalore India 4/15 evaluation 6 
Decisions, great & small, are made by the Principal & board of governors — all from the same family…
Dalian American International School China 4/15 evaluation 2 
Feeling of being “evaluated” in a servant way versus experiencing support to grow as a community…
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China 4/15 evaluation 4
American International School Mozambique 4/15 evaluation 6 
Teachers are declined renewal without ever knowing why or having received any notice of concern…
Claudia Diaz 4/12 First time reviewed on ISR
Montessori British School Colombia
Chris Reed 4/12 (report 5)
NingBo International School China
American Embassy School New Delhi India 4/12 evaluation 6    
Outstanding educational community. An international oasis within India…
British International School Moscow Russia 4/12 evaluation 4 
Uses Council of International School logo, giving the impression its accredited whereas its just a member…
Renaissance College Hong Kong 4/12 evaluation 5
The school is kind of in the middle of nowhere as far as Hong Kong is concerned…  
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kazakhstan 4/12 evaluation 8 
The default is that the Russian version (of the contract) is different from the English version & supersedes…
Paul Sheppard 4/12 (report 4)
American School of Yaounde Cameroon
NingBo International School China 4/11 evaluation 7 
A previous report described negative reports about the principal as the work of disgruntled teachers…
NingBo International School China 4/11 evaluation 6 
Their priorities are for the school to be a smooth running, positive, dynamic place for students and staff…
Montessori British School Colombia 4/11 evaluation 3
The curriculum is not organized, particularly because the teachers do not plan lessons, but instead…
Cebu International School Philippines 4/11 evaluation 7 
New superintendent arrives in June & from all reports will continue to create a healthy school and…
International School Brunei Darussalam 4/10 evaluation 10 
Good school. Great atmosphere and a real community school with a great cross-section of…
Colegio Maya de Guatemala 4/10 evaluation 9
Still a great place to work and Guatemala is a treasure of a country despite the warnings to the contrary…
Soderkulla International School Sweden (Malmo International School) 4/10 First time reviewed on ISR
Debi Caskey 4/9 First time reviewed on ISR
American Internat’l School Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Mosaica Education Abu Dhabi UAE 4/9 evaluation 7
The British School Kuwait 4/9 evaluation 11
School motto: Quantity over quality, profit before education…
Joanna Havenhand 4/8 First time reviewed on ISR
Dwight School Seoul South Korea
Aimee Meditz 4/8 (report 4)
Casablanca American School Morocco
Vietnam American International School Vietnam 4/8 evaluation 4 
A Vietnamese government supported internat’l school that provides students with a dual diploma…
American International School Riyadh Saudi Arabia 4/8 evaluation 28 
Once we got here and really saw what the ed-venture was all about…
Hiroshima International School Japan 4/8 evaluation 4 
With new companies relocating to the city & a more creative/diversified admissions outlook, the school will…
Irene Epp 4/5 (report 3)
American School Kinshasa D.R. Congo
Bryan Ashby 4/5 (report 3)
International Programs School
RDFZ Xishan School China 4/5 First time reviewed on ISR
Constantly improving academics. Although results focused, there’s a holistic approach to student development…
Ibn Khuldoon National School Bahrain 4/5 evaluation 7 
Students of disruptive behavior are taking the lead; rude, not motivated, disrespectful, writing graffiti…
Jonathan Robins 4/4 First time reviewed on ISR
Greengates School Mexico
Brian Mathews 4/4 (report 13)
American Intern’l School RIyadh Saudi Arabia
Matthew Sullivan 4/4 (report 2)
International School Bangalore India
International School Myanmar 4/4 evaluation 21
Students at the school are amazing, and the best that you will find! But working here is not worth it..
Mosaica Education Abu Dhabi UAE 4/4 evaluation 6
SEV Izmir Turkey 4/4 evaluation 9
The admin at SEV consists of a team of highly dedicated educators who value professionalism & collegiality…
Tara Waudby 4/3 (report 3)
American School of Kuwait
Martin Kneath 4/3 (report 5)
Regents School Bangkok Thailand
Chris Reed 4/3 (report 4)
NingBo International School China
NingBo International School China 4/3 evaluation 4 
The Principal has high but reasonable expectations of staff and expects teachers…
NingBo International School China 4/3 evaluation 3 
This has been a very good school at which to work…
Al Maha Academy Qatar 4/3 evaluation 21
We are not perfect, but have turned the corner with some fantastic support now. Believe it or not, it’s up to you…
English Modern School Qatar 4/3 evaluation 3
Overall, English Modern School is a work in progress. I think that they need to improve the salary and disciple…
Anthone Coles 4/2 (report 2)
International School of Phnom Penh
Shuren-Ribet Private School Beijing China 4/2 evaluation 4 
Looking at the other reviews, I see the school has made a lot of progress. I feel bad others have…
Korea International School Jeju Campus Korea 4/2 evaluation 4 
Just stop complaining and let the leadership team learn like the students!..
Chris Reed 4/1 (report 3)
NingBo International School China
Dasman Model School Kuwait 4/1 evaluation 42
Keep in mind I have been constantly emailing & calling about this for five months. Well, I have not seen a cent…
NingBo International School China 4/1 evaluation 1 & 2 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Belgrade Serbia 4/1 
evaluation 3 Admin open to new ideas & supportive of thinking out of the box…