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Susan Boyer 5/31 First time reviewed on ISR
American School of Kuwait
Carol Davis 5/31  First time reviewed on ISR 
International School of Nanshan Shenzhen
International School Phnom Penh Cambodia 5/31 evaluation 17 
The Director has once again pulled the carpet out from under us…
International Bilingual School Hsinchu Taiwan 5/31 evaluation 5 
I do second the opinions that the students here are wonderful & eager to learn…
Repton School Dubai UAE 5/31 evaluation 9
Teachers are dedicated to their students and they are well qualified and highly professional…
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kazakhstan 5/31 evaluation 12 
The system does not cater to individualism. There is a national obsession with synchronized activities…
Al Akhawayn School Ifrane Morocco 5/30 evaluation 7
If you are a single person and you like going out and having friends, here is my advice…
International School Nanshan Shenzhen 5/29 First time reviewed on ISR
Australian International School Bangkok Thailand 5/29 evaluation 2
This is a really lovely school that I have enjoyed teaching at…
International School Geneva La Grande Boissière Campus Switzerland 5/28   First time reviewed on ISR
British International School Kyiv Ukraine 5/28 evaluation 14 
Everyone helps others out as much as they can. This is what made my time at BISK so enjoyable…
Hanoi International School Vietnam 5/28 evaluation 5
Package is good, facilities poor, workload can be intense for some, less for others…
Atlantic International School Russia 5/27 evaluation 8
Revealingly, teachers will now be required to sign a 3 YEAR CONTRACT, rather than the current two year…
Del Campo International School Tegucigalpa Honduras 5/27 First time reviewed on ISR 
American School Barcelona Spain 5/27 evaluation 5
The biggest drawback is the salary…
American International School Riyadh Saudi Arabia 5/27 evaluation 30
We tout AIS-R is a school that lives its mission & follows its Eagle honor code. I truly believe…
British School Alicante Spain 5/27 evaluation 2
Staff are mostly happy, pupils are great and the people I keep in touch with are still positive about the school…   
Nate Chapman 5/24 (report 2)
Carlucci American International School Portugal
Nathan Pope 5/24 (report 2)
Shu Ren International School California USA
Shanghai American Schol China 5/24 evaluation 21
I have been reading ISR reviews of SAS administrators for the last couple of years & have never commented…
Bob Hetzel 5/22 (report 2)
American Embassy School New Delhi India
Tianjin Experimental High School China 5/22 First time reviewed on ISR 
MEF International School Istanbul Turkey 5/22 evaluation 10
You make enough money to pay your bills and enjoy yourself. No real savings. Housing is just acceptable…
Colegio Maya de Guatemala 5/22 evaluation 11
Given the combination of its price, location, danger of living in Guatemala, and inflation…
International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park China 5/20 evaluation 4 
NEHS was my first overseas experience and a highly positive one… 
Quentin Blake Europe School Berlin Germany 5/20 First time reviewed on ISR     
Elians British School Castellon Spain 5/20 First time reviewed on ISR
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kazakhstan 5/20 evaluation 11 
All international teacher contracts across the NIS schools are being terminated at the end of June…
David Dorn 5/17 First time reviewed on ISR  
Dhahran High School Saudi Arabia
Atlantic International School Russia 5/17 evaluation 7
I feel it is my duty as one of the directors of the school to try to balance the argument…
Colegio Maya de Guatemala 5/17 evaluation 10
What’s the point of having a school if there are less and less students?…
Canadian Trillinium School Dhaka Bangladesh 5/17 First time reviewed on ISR 
Al Maha Academy Qatar 5/17 evaluation 23
The situation in secondary school is very bad. Students are awful with behavior and discipline…
Dhahran High School Saudi Arabia 5/17 First time reviewed on ISR   
George Piacentini 5/16 First time reviewed on ISR
International School of Helsinki
Paul Rogers 5/16 First time reviewed on ISR
Makuhari International School Japan
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China 5/16 evaluation 5
When we are allowed training, we have to sign a document that we will extend our contract or pay back…
Dover Court Preparatory School Singapore 5/16 First time reviewed on ISR
St. Dominic’s International School Portugual 5/16 evaluation 15
Utahloy International School Guangzhou China 5/16 evaluation 17 
China itself is lovely and the people great…
Australian International School Singapore 5/16 evaluation 5 
Housing is damn expensive in Singapore and more help on housing would be great…
Colegio Anglo Colombiano Colombia 5/15 First time reviewed on ISR
Very nice place to work, in a wonderful city, with many amenities.
Shanghai American School Chana 5/15 evaluation 20 
Director is leaving, forced out by the disfunctional board for not adhereing to their ignorant demands…
Stephen Rothkopff 5/14 (report 2)
K International School Japan
Dresden International School Germany 5/14 evaluation 3 
Significant & slowly growing number of truly international students. DIS was a fun and rewarding place…
Hong Kong International School 5/14 evaluation 14
Health policy not for out-patient services; several teachers out $-thousands. Housing allowance decreased…
Montessori British School Colombia 5/14 evaluation 4
I Just wanted to add that teachers have made blogs about their experiences at the school…
Sacha McVean 5/13 First time reviewed on ISR 
American International School Vienna
Cheongna Dalton School Korea 5/13 First time reviewed on ISR    
K International School Japan 5/13 evaluation 16
The compensations looks better on paper than in reality. You make less your 2nd year due to taxes…
American Embassy School New Delhi India 5/13 evaluation 7
Positive, motivating work place for teachers & admin. Everywhere else I’ve worked does not compare…
Western Academy Beijing 5/13 evaluation 19
It’s really unfair to infer those people went to those schools longing for WAB’s past when you have no idea…
Australian International School Singapore 5/10 evaluation 4 
Lost MYP accreditation and now only runs the PYP and diploma program. Parents seem happy with this…
Al Akhawayn School Ifrane Morocco 5/10 evaluation 6
Behavior is not considered part of a students’ academic score. Late work is considered a behavior problem…
American International School Hong Kong 5/10 evaluation 9 
This school has been a wonderful teaching experience…
Pacific American School Taiwan 5/10 evaluation 9
Just want to clear that up since I started off saying I wanted to be honest and fair…
Chris Reed 5/10 (report )
NingBo International School China
Chris Reed 5/9 (report 8)
NingBo International School China
Michael Roberts 5/9 (report 8)
International School Myanmar
Pacific American School Taiwan 5/9 evaluation 8
The truth is the school does a lot to help students learn. Shouldn’t that be the primary goal of education?…
Korea International School Jeju Campus Korea 5/9 evaluation 5 
Unless you like hiking or expensive golf, there is not much to do. Weather not nice. Very isolated…
American School Foundation Mexico City Mexico 5/9 evaluation 19 
A 30% taxes out of your salary and anything else school gives as a “perk”. Housing allowance is taxed…
Jean Brugniau 5/8 (report 2)
American School of Marrakech Morocco
Maple Leaf Foreign National School Dalian China 5/8 First time reviewed on ISR  
Casablanca American School Morocco 5/8 evaluation 38 
If the Director and his crew want respect, they should show the staff they are interested in bettering CAS…
American School Marrakesh Morocco 5/8 evaluation 10 & 11 
Still no potable water, a/c, or heat. Temperatures in the classrooms can range from 50F-100+F…
North London Collegiate School 5/8 evaluation 2
If you want an easy relaxed life then this is not the place for you but if you work hard and play hard…
Chris Reed 5/7 (report 7)
NingBo International School China
John Black 5/7 First time reviewed on ISR
Noblesse International School Philippines
Makuhari International School Japan 5/7 First time reviewed on ISR  
Australian International School Bangladesh 5/7 First time reviewed on ISR  
American International School Hong Kong 5/7 evaluation 8 
A single teacher or a teaching couple with children may struggle significantly…
International School Benghazi Libya 5/7 evaluation 2
I heard shooting nearly nightly. I can’t believe the school advertises positions saying Libya is becoming safe…
Canadian International School Beijing China 5/6 First time reviewed on ISR
Noblesse International School Philippines 5/6 evaluation 15 
Teacher to student ratio is fantastic. I typically had around 10 students, my biggest class was 21…
Casablanca American School Morocco 5/6 evaluation 37 
I hope the authors of some recent posts on here are people who have left or are leaving the school…
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kazakhstan 5/6 evaluation 10 
I see teachers shouted at & criticized by director & VPs in public. This might be a cultural thing..
 Pamela Chu 5/3 (report 4)
 Pacific American School Taiwan
North London Collegiate School Korea 5/3 First time reviewed on ISR
Berlin Cosmopolitan School Germany 5/3 evaluation 2 
In terms of benefits, there are none. No housing, no relocation, no flights. There are no substitutes…
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kazakhstan 5/3 evaluation 9 
This place is still run like you are in the USSR…
American International School Riyadh Saudi Arabia 5/3 evaluation 29 
The calendar has more & more & more added to it so that you’re spinning around like a top…
Pacific American School Taiwan 5/3 evaluation 7
If you receive an offer from this you should think very carefully about the adage: “if it sounds to good to be true“…
Sascha Heckmann 5/2 (report 4)
Shanghai American School China
Colegio Mount Rushmore Mexico 5/2 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Phnom Penh Cambodia 5/2 evaluation 16 
We are all on pins and needles and that is not a good feeling to bring with you each day…
Norman Roddom 5/1 First time reviewed on ISR
British Council School Spain
British Council School Madrid Spain 5/1 First time reviewed on ISR
Rainbow International School Korea 5/1 evaluation 5 
As a teacher who worked at RIS, I can say the teaching experience you will receive is like no other…
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