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Larry Molacek 5/9  (report 11)
Surabaya International School Indonesia
Xiamen International School China 5/29 evaluation 6
If the Chinese management would just get out of the way…
United Private Schools Oman 5/29 evaluation 7 
I was told that a purpose built school has been supposedly promised from year 2010!…
Thai-Chinese International School Thailand 5/29 evaluation 36 
The School is run by the board…  
David Cole 5/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Renaissance International School Vietnam
Gerry Rafferty 5/28 First time reviewed on ISR
St. Louis School Milan
Bogaerts International School Belgium 5/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Al Khor International School Qatar 5/28 evaluation 57 
I personally consider him to have been an ever-present obstacle for teachers and the emissary…
Khartoum International Community School Sudan 5/27 evaluation 12 
I write to express serious concerns for the education and the welfare of the students at KICS…
Kammer International Bilingual School Germany 5/27 First time reviewed on ISR
British School Bahrain 5/26 evaluation 7
Resource budgets cut, salaries & allowances cut, staff cut, library dismantled for more classrooms…
American International School Guangzhou China 5/26 evaluation 11 
This is not a review of AISG but a rebuttal of the recent AISG review #10…
International School Penang (Uplands) Malaysia 5/26 evaluation 15 
The students are quite outstanding and living on an island is wonderful…
Ruamrudee International School Bangkok 5/26 evaluation 42 
With new leadership coming, this is an ideal place to work…
Renaissance International School Vietnam 5/26 evaluation 18 
Head of School denied 1 year contract extensions and allowed only new 2 year and 3 year contracts…
SMIC Private School Shanghai China 5/26 evaluation 5 
Academically, the school is on par with, or in some cases exceeds, the local Tier 1 schools…
British International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia 5/26 evaluation 3 
Given all the sackings and demotions…
Greengates School Mexico City 5/22 evaluation 14
Previous reviews portray what I consider an accurate picture of this school…
United Private Schools Oman 5/22 evaluation 4
You will be paid solely on your passport…
Aga Khan Academy Nairobi Kenya 5/22 evaluation 3
Expat ratio lower than usual in IB world schools & that impacts learning as curriculum is exam driven…
Fairview International School Malaysia 5/22 evaluation 8 
The feeling I get from the posts don’t seem consistent with conversation with my child and other students…
Geeta Nair 5/21 First time reviewed on ISR
School of the Nations Macau China
Paul Williams 5/21 (report 5)
The American School Foundation Mexico City
St. John Mary International School Thailand 5/21 evaluation 4 
Don’t be surprised if you are hired to teach one level or subject and end up teaching something different…
Paul Fochtman 5/20 First time reviewed on ISR
Frankfurt International School Germany
Nexus International School Malaysia 5/20 First time reviewed on ISR
Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar 5/20 evaluation 7 
The major problem my wife and I had at AIS revolved around the principal…
Wee Haur Pek 5/19 (report 4)
Singapore International School Hong Kong
American School Kuwait 5/19 evaluation 44 
No matter how aware you are of your surroundings, it’s hard to be safe where our teacher housing is located….
Al Mizhar American Academy UAE 5/19 evaluation 21 
She gave a wonderful speech at her first staff meeting…
English Modern School Doha Qatar 5/19 evaluation 13 
It is considered the fault of the teachers if the students disrupt the learning of others…
International School Geneva La Grande Boissière Campus Switzerland 5/19 evaluation 2 
Make no mistake, this is a rich kids’ school….
Chiang Rai International School Thailand 5/18 Thailand evaluation 2 
5 head principals in the 4 years since the school was founded…
Singapore International School Hong Kong 5/18 evaluation 9 
Salary lower than the other international schools in HK but this school charges the same if not higher fees…
Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park Malaysia 5/18 evaluation 2 
A good school which is improving. The new Principal is charming and fights for the staff…
Mark McCallum 5/15 (report 6)
Chatsworth International School Singapore
Rob Doyle 5/15 First time reviewed on ISR
Anglo-American School Moscow
Clifford School Panyu China 5/15 evaluation 12
The school’s primary objective is profit in my opinion… 
Chiang Rai International School Thailand 5/15 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Dhaka Bangladesh 5/15 evaluation 15 
If you have a good sense of adventure, I would strongly recommend examining this school closely…
Deanna Emond 5/14 (report 3)
American International School Abuja Nigeria
Erin Smith 5/14 (report 3)
Nakornpayap International School Thailand
Cambridge English School Hawalli Kuwait 5/14 evaluation 16
Certainly room for improvement in certain areas, but I never went to work feeling negative…
Surabaya International School Indonesia 5/14 evaluation 9
Conditions are average in terms of salary etc. but this does not compensate for…
International School Aamby India 5/14 evaluation 15
On their new website they have photos from 4 years ago when they still had foreign students and foreign teachers….
Brian Remsburg 5/13 First time reviewed on ISR
Yongsan International School Seoul Korea
Walter Piovesan 5/13 (report 3)
Canadian International School Kunshan China
Greengates School Mexico City 5/13 evaluation 13
On the plus side, pay is better than most schools. Most teachers/students/parents are lovely…
Xi’an Hi-Tech International School China 5/13 evaluation 6 
Yes, we’ve encountered a few obstacles, however management shows strong commitment to improve…
Shenyang Pacific International Academy China 5/12 evaluation 6 
I recommend you ask for teacher contacts so that you can get on-the-ground information, be careful…
Netherlands Inter-Community School Indonesia 5/12 evaluation 3  
No fun activities set up for the teachers, Jakarta could be great if you have a maid/driver/rich partner…
Singapore International School Vietnam 5/12 evaluation 15 
They sponsored me 50% for a Graduate Diploma and Masters degree…
Melaney Tinkess 5/11 First time reviewed on ISR
Canadian International School Vietnam
Peter Araman 5/11 First time reviewed on ISR 
Singapore National Academy Indonesia
American International School Cyprus 5/11 evaluation 8 
Cyprus is an amazing country! People are kind and the food is delicious. The history here is unbelievable…
European International School Vietnam 5/11 evaluation 2 
The greatest asset of the European International School of HCMC is the hard working teachers…
Guangdong Country Garden School China 5/11 evaluation 7 
School principal submits video refuting reviews 5 & 6 which make claims about school’s physical condition…
Paul Williams 5/8 (report 4)
American School Foundation Mexico City
American School (Colegio Americano) Guatemala 5/8 evaluation 16 
I find the environment is poisonous…
Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin China 5/8 evaluation 2 
Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin is, in fact, an accredited AP program…
Albanian College Durress Albania 5/8 evaluation 2
The director constantly reminds us he’s “the boss, right?”…
Peter Saidi 5/7 (report 2)
Binus International School Indonesia
Joseph Stucker 5/7 (report 2)
American International School of Guangzhou
Scott Legan 5/7 First time reviewed on ISR
Kyiv International School Ukrain
American International School Egypt 5/7 evaluation 43 
My experience at AIS has been nothing but positive!…
American International School Libreville Ganon 5/7 evaluation 2 
In my opinion they were also key in getting the director fired as well as getting family members hired…
LIWA International School UAE 5/7 evaluation 5
SLT & HR in elaborate offices bigger than the classrooms. Students are crammed into tiny rooms…
American International School Guangzhou China 5/7 evaluation 10 
A dream school in a huge transition due to the retirement of the director…
Al Khor International School Qatar 5/6 evaluation 56
With the recent dismissal of the Headmaster of AKIS, there can be nothing but questions…
Binus International School Indonesia 5/6 evaluation 2 
I’m going to break this into 2 sections, the actual living in Jakarta & the working at BINUS Simprug itself…
Village School Guatemala 5/6 evaluation 4
Location of housing is great & we have several places near us where we can walk without any problems…
American International School Chennai India 5/6 evaluation 20 
My time in India was an overall good experience but I would never want to work there again….
Brian Matthews 5/5 (report 19)
American International Sch. Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Jenny Canar 5/5 (report 3)
American International School Riyadh
Walter Piovesan 5/5 (report 2)
Canadian International School Kunshan China
Metropolitan School Frankfurt Germany 5/5 First time reviewed on ISR
Greengates School Mexico City 5/5 evaluation 12
Ex-pat teachers must submit original qualifications & certis which are withheld for duration of contract…
Elite Private School UAE 5/4 First time reviewed on ISR
School of the Nations Macau China 5/4 evaluation 2
Highly experienced professionals in the field have come to the school to give constructive feedback, but..
Seisen International School Japan 5/4 evaluation 10
The school failed its most recent accreditation, despite efforts from administrators…  
Al Khor International School Qatar 5/4 evaluation 55
He interviewed me initially and he’s the one who fired me…how ironic to be replaced by the husband of…
ISA International School Guangzhou China 5/1 First time reviewed on ISR
Casablanca American School Morocco 5/1 evaluation 42 
Thanks to new admin the school changed from a total chaos to a nice & healthy academic environment…
Xi’an Hi-Tech International School China 5/1 evaluation 5
I came with 3 dependents. School met us at the airport, handed us keys to our apartment, spending money…
American Baccalaureate School Kuwait 5/1 evaluation 23
I have to give high praise to the owner/director, and management of the school…
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