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The Comments Below are Excerpts from the Full Length Reviews. ISR Hosts In-Depth, Candid Assessments of International Schools.

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New School Reviews

Peter Spratling 6/30 First time reviewed on ISR 
Renaissance International School Vietnam
Mark McCallum 6/30 (report 7)
Chatsworth International School Singapore
Catherine Endo 6/30  First time reviewed on ISR
Saint Maur International School Japan
Stuart Bridge 6/30 First time reviewed on ISR
Dulwich College Suzhou China
Qatar Academy Al Wakra Qatar 6/30 evaluation 4
I waited to write this review for 3 reasons. The first is that I had not received all of my end of service money…
ISG Yanbu International School Saudi Arabia 6/30 evaluation 3 
There is absolutely nothing to do in Yanbu. Some staff would take day trips to the Red Sea and snorkel…
Surabaya Intercultural School Indonesia 6/30 evaluation 11 
Don’t let a few negative people dissuade you. SIS is a great place to develop professionally…
British International School Kyiv Ukraine 6/30 evaluation 17 
I left along with several others very shortly into our contracts as it was so poorly run…
Garth O’Donnell 6/29 First time reviewed on ISR
The American School Vietnam
David Tigchelaar 6/29 (report 3)
Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent Erbil College
Tyler Sherwood 6/29 (report 3)
Chatsworth International School Singapore
Girne American College Cyprus 6/29 evaluation 5
Most expat colleagues were either sacked or walked out. Being shouted by senior staff…
ACS Doha International School Qatar 6/29   First time reviewed on ISR 
Gulf English School kuwait 6/29 evaluation 33
Families thrown out of housing with little notice, teachers forced to work illegally for years because admin…
Oxford Academy Kuwait 6/29 evaluation 4
Classrooms small with 30 kids. Textbooks & a few other resources but everything inadequately resourced….
El Gouna International School Egypt 6/26 evaluation 10 
Significant, positive improvements under new leadership…
Overseas Family School Singapore 6/26 evaluation 9 
If there’s issues with parents, the admin sides automatically with the parents…
Chatsworth International School Singapore 6/26 evaluation 15 
The professional support one might expect is, moreover, absent…
Doshisha International School Kyoto Japan 6/26 First time reviewed on ISR
St. John Mary International School Thailand 6/26 evaluation 5 
No administrative support…
Stephen Rothkopf 6/25 (report 2)
Trondheim International School Norway
James Hamilton 6/25 (report 2)
Trondheim International School Norway
Aga Khan Academy Nairobi Kenya 6/25 evaluation 4
Be prepared to live with a low salary and a high cost of living near to NYC prices…
Dulwich College Shanghai China 6/25 evaluation 9
It’s amazing how many things have changed in a year and just how many people…
Singapore International School Hong Kong 6/25 evaluation 12 
The building and school facilities remain impressive and quite new in the context of Hong Kong…
Dulwich College Suzhou China 6/25   First time reviewed on ISR
British School Bucharest Romania 6/25 evaluation 4 
Overall though, I would recommend the school for any expat teacher looking for a unique teaching experience…
Jo Garrahy 6/24 First time reviewed on ISR
Riffa Views International School Bahrain
Nigel Winnard 6/24 (report 2)
Khartoum International Community Sch. Sudan
Southern International School Hatyai 6/24 evaluation 3 
Formerly Songkhla International School. Many excellent staff and wonderful Headteacher have left…
German European School Manila Philippines 6/24 First time reviewed on ISR
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools 6/24 evaluation 21 
This school is in the most impressive building and is for the academic cream of Kazakhstan…
Ascot International School Thailand 6/24 evaluation 4 
There seems a universal thread with all these reviews and I can confirm that these mirrored my experience…
Alan Knobloch 6/23 (report 5)
International School of Dhakar Senegal
Alcanta International College China 6/23  First time reviewed on ISR 
American School (Colegio Americano) Guatemala 6/23 evaluation 17
Guatemala City is nicer & cleaner than you might think and is Americanized without losing cultural…
Chatsworth International School Singapore 6/23 evaluation 14
New staff are left to their own devices in terms of teaching planners, materials, settling into Singapore…
Victoria International School Sharjah UAE 6/23 evaluation 4 
This school is not for everybody. In fact, the UAE isn’t. However, if you are prepared to work hard…
American International School Bucharest Romania 6/23 evaluation 21 
AISB is changing and it’s changing fast. With new administration come new philosophies, policies…
Al Maha Academy Quatar Boys/Girls Division 6/23 evaluation 39 
I cannot afford to stay here. Cost of living is very high & probably because of the world cup infrastructure…
Cambridge Silk Road Kyrgyzstan 6/22 First time reviewed on ISR
St. George’s Germany 6/22 evaluation 3 
You’re put on a self-employed contract so they don’t have contribute to your health insurance, pension, etc….
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 6/22 evaluation 29
This is a rant about the shameful situation about housing and housing allowances…
Colegio Panamericano Colombia 6/22 evaluation 4
The major problem at the school that makes working conditions difficult is that there is no discipline…
Gimnasio Ingles Armenia Colombia 6/22 evaluation 7 
We only left because we had been there four years and wanted to try something new; we wish we had stayed…
The American School Kinshasa 6/22 evaluation 14
I will cover each of the points in the rubric. Academic Integrity of School:..
The American School Kinshasa 6/22 evaluation 13
If you have children and must move to Kinshasa for some reason…
International Community School Jordan 6/22 evaluation 8 
So goodbye and good riddance to the moaners and groaners…
Bedriyah Itani 6/19 (report 3)
Qatar Academy Al Wakra Qatar
David Tigchelaar 6/19 (report 2)
Ishan Dogramaci Bilkent College Iraq
Guangdong Country Garden School China 6/19 evaluation 8 
About half our foreign teachers renewed so it obviously isn’t that bad. Maybe admin will surprise us and…
British International School Turkey 6/19 evaluation 21 
Due to my personal circumstances, I find myself having to leave the best school I have worked at…
The International School Azerbaijan 6/19 evaluation 12 
They are all leaving. The director, the primary principal, the assistant primary principal the PYP coordinator…
Oberoi International School India 6/19 Evaluation 2
If you are into partying wild, do not mind the pollution, smells, traffic, loudness, and driving everywhere…
United Nations International School Vietnam 6/19 evaluation 7 
While the salary may not look that high on paper with the cost of living you can save a lot without even trying…
Chatsworth International School Singapore 6/19 evaluation 13 
Teaching resources are scarce and rooms are shared and small…
Jody Mulder 6/18 (report 2)
American Academy Casablanca
Think International School Hong Kong 6/18 First time reviewed on ISR
El Gouna International School Egypt 6/18 evaluation 9
I felt felt very safe whilst living here and have enjoyed the wonderful year-round climate…
International School Myanmar 6/18 evaluation 23
A week before school starts the owners decide to gut renovate all bathrooms (Why not in June & July?!?!)…
Ascot International School Thailand 6/17 evaluation 3 
This school has a significant number of positive qualities… 
Canadian International School Vietnam 6/17 evaluation 5 
This year they allowed more students but didn’t (couldn’t) hire more teachers so class sizes ballooned…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 6/17 evaluation 30 
Even after the previous posts and the attempted character assassinations…
Singapore International School Hong Kong 6/16 evaluation 11 
Good Points…..Bad Points:…..
The American School Kinshasa D.R. Congo 6/16 evaluation 12 
Local healthcare is subpart. The cost of living is high. There is not much to do in and around town….
British International School New York USA 6/16 evaluation 3 
The school is about to transition to the fourth headmaster in 8-years, which has created a lot of upheaval…
Westminster International School Italy 6/16 evaluation 5 
Any attempt on my behalf to help pupils with clear Special Educational Needs was denied,,,
Amy Hansen-Bhutta 6/15 (report 2)
Glenelg School Abu Dhabi UAE
Lisa Low 6/13 First time reviewed on ISR
Dulwich College Shangha China
British International School Tunis Tunisia 6/15 First time reviewed on ISR 
Seoul International School Korea 6/15 evaluationn 32
I’ve enjoyed the admin team here, after a poor experience with disorganized admin in my previous school.
Matther Savage 6/12 (report 2)
Bromsgrove International School Thailand
American International School Guangzhou China 6/12 evaluation 13 
That teacher in question tried to be sneaky and play the system…
Khartoum International Community School 6/12 evaluation 14 
You may find that you are suddenly not compliant with the latest “diktat” and therefore a poor teacher…
Aqaba International School Jordan 6/12 First time reviewed on ISR 
Berkeley International School Bangkok Thailand 6/11 evaluation 5
Berkeley is a small school with a family feel. The students and parents are great to work with…
Dulwich College Shanghai China 6/11 evaluation 9
School has a significant number of positive qualities. The most notable, I believe, is the staff…
International School Beijing-Shunyi 6/11 evaluation 11
Forty-seven people left this year. We did not have that much “dead” wood no matter what the director says…
Nakornpayap International School Thailand 6/11 evaluation 5
The school was exceptional until new Director showed up…
Australian International School Malaysia 6/10 evaluation 4 
The school underwent significant change…
International Community School Jordan 6/10 evaluation 7
What I most disagree with in poster 5’s comments is the overall tone of negativity….
Khartoum International Community School Sudan 6/10 evaluation 13
Well-resourced libraries, the kind and supportive parents and the nice campus…
Amy Hansen-Bhutta 6/9 First time reviewed on ISR 
Glenelg School Abu Dhabi UAE
Ascot International School Thailand 6/9 evaluation 2
Very much business first and education second. There are endless examples of this…
Whiteplains British School Abuja Nigeria 6/9 evaluation 2 
Seven principals in seven years…
International School Brunei Darussalam 6/9 evaluation 15 
Leaving before forthcoming site move but wish I was staying as new building and facilities look very swish…
David Cole 6/8 (report 2)
Renaissance International School Vietnam
United Private Schools Oman 6/8 evaluation 8
Another side of the story to review #5 that displays a 9.5 rubric average, out of a possible 10…
Jeddah Prep and Grammar School Saudi Arabia 6/8 evaluation 10 
If you still contemplating to give it a go,ask for photos of your accommodation as well as the location…
Seisen International School Japan 6/8 evaluation 13
With admin changing around and a serious attempt to move things forward, of course there is some chaos…
English Modern School Doha Qatar 6/5 evaluation 14 
27students crammed in a small classroom is a challenge & may hinder accomplishments….
Mesaieed International School Qatar 6/5 evaluation 8
Colleagues coming here will be paid handsomely…
St. Louis School Milan Italy 6/5 First time reviewed on ISR
International Community School Jordon 6/5 evaluation 7
I have found the best man I have ever met and we will be getting married in July!…
Larry Molacek 6/4  (report 12)
Surabaya Intercultural School Indonesia
Seisen International School Japan 6/4 evaluation 12
The linked video is a yearly pet project of two department heads, one of whom is departing…  
Singapore International School Hong Kong 6/3 evaluation 10 
Enlarging IB class sizes & cutting number of lessons students receive to avoid replacing leaving staff…
Ionios School IB Greece 6/3 First time reviewed on ISR 
Seisen International School Japan 6/3 evaluation 11
Just watch the video and decide for yourself whether or not Seisen is a fun place to work, learn and thrive….
Kyra Gailis 6/2 (report 2)
Surabaya Intercultural School Indonesia
Larry Molacek 6/2  (report 11)
Surabaya Intercultural School Indonesia
International Community School Jordan 6/2 evaluation 6  
Move with an open mind and embrace your new environment. We have and we love it!…
American International School Guangzhou China 6/2 evaluation 12 
Time will tell whether her very different leadership style will be able to sustain the positive, solid…
ACS International Schools – Hillingdon Campus England 6/2 evaluation 2 
Teachers are also tasked with writing curriculum…
The American School Kinshasa D.R. Congo 6/1 evaluation 11 
Fail to tell incoming teachers school is located in middle of military camp and shares a wall with a prison…
Garden International School Malaysia 6/1 evaluation 4 
I met and worked with some great peopleworkload, demands &ever changing goal posts…
Surabaya International School Indonesia 6/1 evaluation 10 
Generous PD allowance PD. Beautiful campus. Olympic pool. Playing field. Grass track. Wonderful childcare…
New Gateway International School Cambodia 6/1 First time reviewed on ISR 
Vienna International School Austria 6/1 evaluation 6
These are my opinions. I am writing as one who feels unfairly treated. I do have an axe to grind…
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