Director Report Example

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Director: John Doe

Reporting Period: 2021 – 2023

School / Country: International School of Anywhere

A Person of Integrity
A Person who acts with respect
Overall Rating to nearest number
Experience with this Director I interviewed with and worked for this director.

Interviewing style and information that will help candidates land a position

Very charming to talk to. We felt we were being hired for our expertise, to help the school. He interviewed us talking about teaching skills and included casual conversation. He gave us a lot of information about the school and the area but once we arrived we realized that there was a fair amount of exaggeration and sugar coating.

After the Interview

This Director is extremely charming; however, after being hired and helping to get accreditation (foreign teachers on staff looked great!) my husband and I were told to leave. We were allowed to finish the year, but had to tell everyone it was our choice to leave or (threat) we would not receive final money, flight home or any shipping allowance. This was done right before new school year after most job fairs. Not ethical at all.

Additional Comments, most outstanding characteristic of this director, etc.

We lived outside of the city, on campus of school. Our home was nice enough, especially considering that we only lived there for one school year. There was very little to do in the surrounding area. All local teachers lived in the city. When we arrived the Director and his wife made us feel very welcome. We were invited to dinners, mixers and taken on tours of our new neighborhood. They took us places in the city and we really enjoyed being with them. After school started, things started changing.