No Reply From Teacher Shortage “Task Force”
When Invited to Endorse Bill of Rights for Educators

We are disappointed the Teacher Shortage “Task Force” failed to respond to our invitation to endorse the Bill of Rights for International Educators. There certainly appears to be an obvious need for such a document. In our recent survey many teachers said the current candidate shortage was due to unethical practices on the part of some schools. One teacher wrote, “There is not a shortage of experienced teachers. There is a shortage of experienced teachers who are willing to work for peanuts and be exploited by schools who do not honor their contracts”. We received many similar comments.

We at ISR can think of no better way for the Teacher Shortage “Task Force” to make a strong statement and take the first step to solving the candidate shortage situation than to endorse the Bill of Rights for International Educators. That’s why we extended the invitation to them in the first place. Creating a safe, supportive environment would seem to be the first step towards attracting new teaching candidates and retaining seasoned veterans. We must be missing something.

At this point we are ready to begin promoting the Bill of Rights for International Educators to Schools and Directors. Any ideas you may have to assist us in this endeavor would be well appreciated.