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New School Reviews

Nigel Kyneston 9/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Gulf English School Qatar
Alan Knobloch 9/28 (report 3)
Shanghai American School Puxi, China
Dipont Education China 9/28 evaluation 10
Job not with Dipont! — they’re a teacher recruitment co., you’ree working for a local Chinese school…
Saint John Mary International School Thailand 9/28 evaluation 2 
Discipline is very good now but it was not this way when I first arrived. Now that admission is stricter…
Wallace Bai 9/27 First time reviewed on ISR
Kaplan Qingdao No2 Middle School
Bill Delbrugge 9/27 (report 2)
American International School Egypt
Greengates School Mexico City Mexico 9/27 evaluation 4 
Most international school in Mexico City, with an average of over 50 nationalities, parents are supportive..
English International School Prague Czech Republic 9/27 evaluation 4 
EISP is the most expensive international school in Prague…
Andy Mirhaj 9/26 report 4
Dasman Model School Kuwait
Al Ain English Speaking School UAE 9/26 evaluation 3 
The school, particularly the secondary school has come a long way since the comments of earlier posts…
Shanghai American School China Puxi Campus 9/26 evaluation 16 
Unfortunately, Pudong has not been privy to everything that has happened on the Puxi campus…
Dasman Model School Kuwait 9/26 evaluation 31
The reason I have rated the school the lowest marks as possible…  
Doha College Qatar 9/26 First time reviewed on ISR
Nathan Pope 9/25 First time reviewed on ISR
Shu Ren International School California USA
Emirates National School, Al Ain UAE 9/25 evaluation 11 
I worked there in 2009 – 2010. Lovely buildings, lots of toys and silly things, but NO…
Saint Andrews International School Green Valley Thailand 9/25 First time reviewed on ISR 
International British School Alexandria Egypt 9/25 evaluation 5
John Gaylord 9/24 First time reviewed on ISR
Seoul Foreign School Korea
Paul Shropshire 9/24 First time reviewed on ISR
The British School Kuwait
Western Academy Beijing China 9/24 evaluation 17
A school that eagerly promotes itself as one that “thinks outside the box…
Aci Pre & Primary Schools Turkey 9/24 evaluation 2
As far as academics, all SPOON FEEDING! Students copy off the board & write the information…
Mesaieed International School Qatar 9/24 evaluation 2 
The negative view is by a very bitter man whose aim it was to try and destroy the school’s reputation
New Zealand International School Indonesia 9/24 evaluation 9 
Families and students on the whole are great, there are very few behavior problems from students…
Des Hurst 9/21 (report 2)
Tokyo International School Japan
Ibn Khuldoon National School Bahrain 9/21 evaluation 6 
Teachers placed on black list merely for expressing their opinions openly and constructively…
Nansha College Preparatory Academy China 9/21 First time reviewed on ISR
New ISS School for Chinese nationals preparing for University in a western country…
Dasman Model School Kuwait 9/21 evaluation 30
Well, I have just completed my first week at Dasman Model School. I can say to anyone…
International School Villa Amalienhof Berlin Germany 9/21 First time reviewed on ISR
American School Barcelona Spain 9/21 evaluation 4
ASB has made national headlines in Spain because of concerns over student discipline…
Hangzhou International School China 9/20 evaluation 23
Smallest of 3 sister schools but growing. A second vice-principal hired and he seems like a great fit…
Private Sanko Schools Gaziantep Turkey 9/20 First time reviewed on ISR 
Qatar Leadership Academy Qatar 9/20 evaluation 8
This year is a breath of fresh air and I’m really hoping things keep moving the direction we’ve started on…
American School Foundation Guadalajara Mexico 9/20 evaluation 4 
School is well run and well organized. Teachers are supported and there are adequate resources…
Wayne Rutherford 9/19 (report 2)
International School of Dakar Senegal
Annie Thomson 9/19 First time reviewed on ISR
Renaissance International School Vietnam
Shanghai American School Pudong China 9/19 evaluation 15 
Board just fired director with little in the way of explanation.Teachers in shock as to what is going on…
Kaplan Qingdao No2 Middle School China 9/19 First time reviewed on ISR
Little provision made for family, no allowance for education of children. Qingdao suits…
American School Marrakesh Morocco 9/19 evaluation 9 
This letter was written by a local teacher, not International. Unfortunately the director ignores it and…
Don Newburry 9/18 (report 2)
International School of Aberdeen Scotland
Yew Chung International School Beijing China 9/18 evaluation 4 
They conveniently forget to tell you you’ll not have enough tax certificates to transfer this gratuity out…
Dipont Education China 9/18 evaluation 9
The wise employee spends a little more on rent and lives somewhere pleasant…
Ibn Khuldoon National School Bahrain 9/18 evaluation 5
James Gerhard 9/17 (report 7)
International School Yangon Myanmar
Peter Murphy 9/17 (report 3)
Bonn International School Germany
Michael Roberts 9/17 (report 7)
International School Myanmar
Modern English School Egypt 9/17 evaluation 15 
Many positives about this school. The negatives can MOSTLY be balanced with a sense of perspective…
International School Dhaka Bangladesh 9/17 evaluation 13 
ISD was a rewarding place to live and I was fortunate to work with enthusiastic, internationally minded…
Rabat American School Morocco 9/17 evaluation 4
This is a great little school…
A’Rowad Bilingual School Kuwait 9/17 First time reviewed on ISR 
Friendly atmosphere. Mostly local hire. Recent arrival of a few expats signals a shift….  
Rena Mirkin 9/14 (report 7)
Western Academy of Beijing
Evan Hunt 9/14 First time reviewed on ISR
American School Foundation Mexico City
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools Kazakhstan 9/14 First time reviewed on ISR
Al Maha Academy Qatar 9/13 evaluation 15
Philip Stewart 9/13 (report 9)
Dulwich College Shanghai China  
Sir James Henderson School Italy 9/13 evaluation 5
Housing not provided & meager allowance not enough to provide a reasonable place to rent…
Jennifer McLaughlin 9/13 First time reviewed on ISR
Danube International School Vienna Austria
Al Jazeera Academy Qatar 9/13 evaluation 13
Mesaieed International School Qatar 9/12  First time reviewed on ISR
Staff stay for excellent packages whith 6 flights a year, above average salaries, free medical &…
Escaan International School Spain 9/11 First time reviewed on ISR
Gulf English School Kuwait 9/11 evaluation 6
If you plot a graph to represent the progress the school has made in the last 10 years…
Talent International & The Infant School Bahrain 9/11 First time reviewed on ISR
Michael Roberts 9/7 (report 6)
International School Myanmar
Regent’s School Bangkok Thailand 9/10 evaluation 9
I could not work creatively & constructively under a management of suppression & control…
Dasman Model School Kuwait 9/10 evaluation 29
I also wanted the world to know that there is good being done at this school as well…  
Michael Roberts 9/7 (report 5)
International School Myanmar
Leeanne Wootten-Neumann 9/7 First time reviewed on ISR
Aarhus Academy for Global Education
United Private Schools Oman 9/7 evaluation 3
There is no directions or guidance given by the management of any type…
Shanghai Rego International School China 9/7 evaluation 9 
Nothing prepares you for watching the hard work of students, yourself & colleagues destroyed by profit…
Michael Roberts 9/6 (report 4)
International School Myanmar
Mercedes Benz International School India 9/6 evaluation 3
Cornel English School Taiwan 9/6 evaluation 4
They have a basal curriculum & expect every child is on the same page. No opportunity to differentiate…
International School Yangon Myanmar 9/5 evaluation 7 
School has undergone a period of unsettled administration with three directors in a span of five years…
Hayah International Academy Egypt 9/5 evaluation 14 
I am an expat female working at Hayah International Academy. I have been here for 5 years…
Dasman Model School Kuwait 9/5 evaluation 28
Anyone looking to be treated as a respected educator, or even human being…
Sekolah Ciputra Indonesia 9/5 evaluation 3
Gem of a school, not well known on the international circuit which is a shame as it’s a great place…
Kevin Foyle 9/4 First time reviewed on ISR
British International School Shanghai, Puxi
John Burns 9/4 (report 2)
ACG International School Vietnam
British International School Shanghai – Puxi campus 9/4 evaluation 6 
The lack of postings on ISR and TES are because everyone is petrified of voicing any kind of opinion…
International Community School Addis Ababa Ethiopia 9/4 evaluation 6 
There’s not a ton to do. Weather is wonderful & crime is very low…
Philip Stewart 9/3 (report 8)
Dulwich College Shanghai China  
American International School Niamey Nigeria 9/3 evaluation 4 
Compensation package was adequate. Expenses are low, healthcare package was good… 
Schutz American School Egypt 9/3 evaluation 8
This is my second year at Schutz American School and I really enjoy working here…