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New School Reviews

American Creativity Academy Kuwait 11/30 evaluation 24 
School’s Islamic bent is hard to take when you work on the girls campus and see the restrictions…
ISTEK Foundation Turkey 11/30 evaluation 6 
You will be housed with other teachers from many of their schools. This is the good part…
Liceo Ingles Colombia 11/30 evaluation 6
I am happy I came here and just shared with you why. You have to make your own decisions based on…
Rena Mirken 11/30 First time reviewed on ISR
Western Academy of Beijing
Robert Jackson 11/30 First time reviewed on ISR
Quality Schools International Shekou China
Anne Ponisch 11/29 First time reviewed on ISR
International Preparatory School Mauritius
Dhirubhai Ambani International School India 11/29 First time reviewed on ISR
Teaching loads reasonable. Indian students motivated. Classes small to medium…
Newton College Peru 11/29 First time reviewed on ISR
Most foreign staff come and stay for a number of years. People are friendly & the admin staff very helpful…
Tsinghua International School China 11/29 First time reviewed on ISR 
Primarily a Chinese school with some students from other Asian countries…
Bilkent University Preparatory School Turkey 11/29 evaluation 14 
Turkey is fabulous. It is a lovable country and the primary reason to be happy to have a job at BLIS…
Robert Stearns 11/29 (report 2)
International School of Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
Tom Egerton 11/29 (report 5)
International School of Myanmar
Ronald Vair 11/28 (report 2)
Escuela Internacional de Sampedrana Honduras
Michael Roberts 11/28 First time reviewed on ISR
International School of Myanmar
Jonathan Acker 11/28 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Ed Kidd 11/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Shanghai American School (Puxi) China
James Hane 11/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Liceo Ingles Colombia
Britannica International School Belgrade serbia 11/28 evaluation 2 
They just cannot imagine some people can see beyond all this cunningly crafted image…
American International School Chennai India 11/28 evaluation 18 
Overall, we are recommending this school and lifestyle to our friends…
Escuela Internacional de Sampedrana Honduras 11/28 evaluation 20 
I feel that what I got was exactly what I was promised and so I had an excellent experience overall…
Uruguayan American School Uruguay 11/28 evaluation 2 
So far, I am very happy with my decision to come here, very easy place to live and the lifestyle is…
International School of Dakar Senegal 11/28 evaluation 7 
Overall, school is a great place to work, but you must have a firm grip on the reality of living and working here…
American International School Vietnam 11/28 evaluation 12 
Students are amazing! They are what makes coming to work so easy every day…
American International School of Muscat Oman 11/28 evaluation 6 
People genuinely seem happy here, generous $$ for professional development, class sizes small…
American International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia 11/28 evaluation 26 
Overall it is very kid-friendly. It may be difficult for singles, but they manage to have fun together…
Karachi American School Pakistan 11/28 evaluation 3 
Overall package has to be one of the best in the world. It should be, considering …
Colegio Albania Colombia 11/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Owned by the largest open pit coal mine in the world, it’s located in a desolate location in N/W Colombia…
International School of Myanmar 11/28 evaluation 12
I would like to focus on the positive aspects of teaching at ISM and living in Yangon…
International School Belgrade Serbia 11/28 evaluation 2 
The staff is very excited about the new Director coming next year…
Quality Schools International Atyrau Kazakhstan 11/28 evaluation 4 
I came to Atyrau with such high expectations, and what I found was…
American International School Bucharest 11/23 evaluation 18 
The benefits are high with each household getting at least one car paid by the school…
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 11/23 evaluation 4 
The reviewer must realize that by thrashing the school in such a manner…
Kathleen Manley 11/23 First time reviewed on ISR
Anglo Chinese Singapore (ACS) Singapore
Susan Zapata 11/22 First time reviewed on ISR
Santa Cruz Cooperative School Bolivia
Matthew Savage 11/22 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Brunei Darussalam
International School of Myanmar 11/22 evaluation 11
The upside is the wonderful camaraderie among the teachers who support each other to ‘get through’ the…
Atlantic International School Moscow Russia 11/22 First time reviewed on ISR 
Low levels of English, It’s really an ESL school running on a Cambridge curriculum…
International School of Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 11/22 evaluation 16 
School is well resourced & budget for teaching materials is adequate. The problem can be overseas delivery…
Susan Brown 11/21 (report 2)
Cedars School (tutoring) Doha
Richard I`Anson 11/21 First time reviewed on  ISR
British International School Istanbul,Turkey
Robert Stearns 11/21 First time reviewed on ISR
International School of Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
International School Brunei Darussalam 11/21 evaluation 9
Majority of teaching staff have made Brunei their home, they are currently torn apart by recent changes…
AL- Bayan Bilingual School Kuwait 11/21 evaluation 13 
Heads of schools, and principals I hope that you read reviews from these web sites and learn from them…
Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane Morocco 11/21 evaluation 5 
Small enrollment & class size, so differentiation happens daily. Job is stressful only when a parent…
Uskudar American Academy Turkey 11/21 evaluation 4 
Genuine international influence, particularly towards the aims of the American educational system…
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 11/18 evaluation 3 
I am concerned that readers of this web site will be misled by the previous posting, which was written by…
American Cooperative School of Tunis Tunisia 11/18 evaluation 16
Jim Canavan 11/18 First time reviewed on ISR
International School of Phnom Penh Cambodia
Brian Johnson 11/18 First time reviewed on ISR
Canadian International School Egypt
International School of Myanmar 11/17 evaluation 10 
A weird rise in the value of the kyat means that the dollar has lost 30% of its value over the last year…
K International School Japan 11/17 evaluation 13 
Newly hired & highly qualified Head was abruptly banned from campus in an unprecedented attempt…
American International School Bucharest 11/17 evaluation 17 
Great package, with a competitive salary and generous benefits. I’m really enjoying it here….
Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 11/16 evaluation 2 
It is not often a teacher finds a post that suits her professional standards as well as her personal needs…
AL- Bayan Bilingual School Kuwait 11/16 evaluation 12 
The salary is enough to save money on if you are frugal, but most people save money because they tutor… 
Carol Morgan School Dominican Republic 11/16 evaluation 16 
This is my fourth overseas posting and I have stayed 6 years. Santo Domingo can be challenging but…
Bryan Ashby 11/14 (report 2)
International Programs School Saudi Arabia
Quincy Kameda 11/14 First time reviewed on ISR
Tamagawa Academy K-12 Japan
Nancy Zhou 11/14 First time reviewed on ISR
Shuren-Ribet Private School China
Brian Manditsch 11/14 First time reviewed on ISR
Changchun American International School China
Tom Egerton 11/14 (report 4)
International School of Myanmar
British International School Istanbul Turkey 11/14 evaluation 16 
Most teachers stay beyond completion of their contracts – the real litmus test…
Casablanca American School Morocco 11/14 evaluation 16 
Teachers have been fired for disciplining the wrong child…
Allan Bredy 11/11 (report 2)
American Cooperative School Tunis Tunisia
Greenfield Community School Dubai 11/11 First time reviewed on ISR
This was not a case of the shipper being late, but rather the book/materials orders never being placed..
American Cooperative School of Tunis 11/11 evaluation 15 
The mission statement boasts “opening doors, hearts, and minds,” but administrative/teacher relationship…
Casablanca American School Morocco 11/1 evaluation 15 
I will start by sharing an anecdote that precisely summarizes a majority of parents at CAS…
American International School Chennai India 11/10 evaluation 17 
Elementary Principal sited me for insubordination for allowing 4 kids to change into their Halloween…
Green School Indonesia 11/10 evaluation 3 
Mistakes have been made over the past 4 years but learning from those is building a school I am proud to be…
Colegio Inter-Americano Guatemala 11/10 evaluation 10 
Safety in Guatemala City is pretty much non-existent. If you like to go running or walking don’t come here!…
Stefanos Gialamas 11/9 First time reviewed on  ISR
American Community Schools Athens Greece
International School Belgrade Serbia 11/9 First time reviewed on   ISR
Overall, ISB is a great place to work and Belgrade is a vibrant, fun and safe city to live in…
Gyeongnam International Foreign School Korea 11/9 evaluation 3 
Good overall package and experience for people with realistic expectations about living & working in Korea…
I-Shou International School Taiwan 11/9 evaluation 5
If you’re considering the school for a cultural experience it may be a good. But for growth on the IS circuit…
Jeff Stubbs 11/8 (report 3)
Shanghai Community International School China
Gulf English School Qatar 11/8 evaluation 14
During my time at the school 2 pricipals, 3 Heads of School, a Vice Principal & scores of teachers left or …
International School of Myanmar 11/8 evaluation 9
I couldn’t see myself spending another year not feeling good about who I worked for…
Singapore American School Singapore 11/8 evaluation 7 
The school’s commitment to resources is amazing. There isn’t much it isn’t willing to pay for…
Casablanca American School Morocco 11/7 evaluation 14
I was at this school for some years and can testify that much of this negativity is biased…
CfBT Abu Dhabi UAE 11/7 evaluation 3 
Although the pay is well above what most IS teachers make , the work is difficult, frustrating and….
David Draper 11/4 First time reviewed on  ISR
British School in Baku Azerbaijan
Clifford School of Panyu China 11/4 evaluation 9 
I read the previous reviews on this school before I accepted the contract and was a bit leery of the comments…
International School of Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 11/4 evaluation 15
School has new director and primary principal, and a couple of negative staff members have moved on…
American School of Marrakesh Morocco 11/4 evaluation 3 
There are discipline issues and teaching the students in hot rooms is almost detrimental to one’s sanity… 
Murat Kucukdugenci 11/3 First time reviewed on ISR
Horizon International Education Center Myanmar
Aarhus Academy for Global Education Denmark 11/3 First time reviewed on ISR
I am very pleased with my overall experience here…
International School Panama 11/3 evaluation 5 
The expansion has become the number one priority, and meeting student’s needs a distant second…
Casablanca American School Morocco 11/3 evaluation 13 
I would like to respond to the negatve comments about…
Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia 11/2 evaluation 6
This school has improved since last year. Having been here two years, there is a noticeable change…
Phorms Munich Germany 11/2 First time reviewed on ISR
There is a real culture of liking being at school. This is largely due to excellent teachers and staff…
American International School Jeddah Saudi Arabia 11/2 evaluation 25
David Christenbury 11/2 First time reviewed on ISR
Korea International School
Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking School (Rakess) 11/1 evaluation 5 
A large number of upper school students treat the school like a social club.
Tom Pado 11/1 First time reviewed on ISR
International School of Tanganyika Tanzania
Ras Al Khaimah English Speaking School (Rakess) 11/1 evaluation 5 
A large number of upper school students treat the school like a social club.
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