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British International Schools Kurdistan 8/30 First time reviewed on ISR 
Students know there is no consequence for their behaviour, especially the ‘powerful’ families…
Swiss International School Zurich North Switzerland 8/30 evaluation 7 
Previous comments are extremely inaccurate from what I saw…
Aditya Birla World Academy India 8/30 evaluation 4
To me, a very negative atmosphere prevails in this school…
Greenfield Community School Dubai 8/30 evaluation 3 
I do think things are getting better and remember in Dubai everything that glitters is not gold…
Gunma Kokusai Academy Japan 8/29 evaluation 3
What seems to be something very simple to decide can get blown totally out of proportion…
American International School Abu Dhabi UAE 829 evaluation 20 
A principal must be an excellent listener. A principal must be a visionary. A principal must be fair &…
Sekolah Tiara Bangsa – ACS International Indonesia 8/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Alice Smith School Malaysia 8/28 evaluation 3
Excellent package, top class benefits, fantastic travel opportunities. Teachers sociable, kids fantastic… 
Greenfield Community School Dubai UAE 8/28 evaluation 2 
Curriculum coordinator walks up and down the hallways making sure everything is up to their standard… 
Neil Mcburney 8/27 (report 2)
The British School Caracas Venezuela
Peter Corcoran 8/27 (report 2)
Seoul International School/South Korea
Paul Jowett 8/27 First time reviewed on ISR
New Cairo British International School Egypt
American International School Lusaka Zambia 8/27 evaluation 7 
Families tend to stay 5+ years because it is such a nice place for kids. Just know it’s very expensive…
Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia 8/27 evaluation19 
Much like Sinarmas and APP’s slash and burn policy in the forests of Sumatra, the choking smell…
Rio International School Brazil 8/27 evaluation 2
School has grown to 225 students in 2013, reflecting trust parents & staff place in Dr. Lindsay’s leadership…
Gerald Scheon 8/26 (report 2)
Kwangju Foreign School Korea
Casey Cosgray 8/26 (report 8)
Western Academy Beijing China
Roy Crawford 8/26 (report 3)
Northbridge International School Cambodia
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 8/26 evaluation 18
Along with fallout from leaving staff fighting for their pay, new indefinite contracts were given to returning staff…
Utahloy International School Guangzhou China 8/26 evaluation 18
This is a school with very few rules enforced, there is absolutely no discipline at this school…
Ivy Collegiate Academy Taiwan 8/26 evaluation 17
Unless things have changed be prepared for students who speak little to no English just because they can pay…
Aga Khan Academy Nairobi 8/23 First time reviewed on ISR 
School failed to get my work permit by end of February and I was able to get out of the contract…
Northbridge International School Cambodia 8/23 evaluation 15 
Overall, not perfect, but it’s a friendly, warm, welcoming place to work & live. If you’re a little adventurous…
American International School Abu Dhabi UAE 8/23 evaluation 19
I decided to put my two cents in as I feel some of the comments must be explained…
British School Uruguay 8/23 First time reviewed on ISR 
A month before I was going, with house on market, cats given away & ready to leave, they withdrew offer…
Adam Broomfield 8/22 (report 8)
EtonHouse International School Suzhou China
Zach Pascoe 8/22 First time reviewed on ISR
Cedar International School, British Virgin Islands
Colegio Anglo Colombiano Colombia 8/22 evaluation 5
Ivy Collegiate Academy Taiwan 8/21 evaluation 16
All 10s! I’ld run through a brick wall for Dr. Cheska if I had to. He’s the best headmaster I have ever seen…
American Nicaraguan School Nicaragua 8/21 evaluation 15 
School began 2013-2014 school year where it left off last school year…on its continuing path to mediocrity…
Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia 8/21 evaluation 18 
The only course of action we can take is getting the word out and voting with our feet… 
Gerald Scheon 8/20 First time reviewed on ISR
Kwangju Foreign School Korea
Tamagawa Academy K-12 Japan 8/20 evaluation 3
Great place to build experience, work with motivated teachers, & students who have few behavioural issues…
Paul Neary 8/19 (report 2)
Asmara International Community School Eritrea
American International School Abu Dhabi UAE 8/19 evaluation 18 
Their comments are unsubstantiated and totally not my experience when I interacted with the principal…
Chengdu Oxford International College 8/19 First time reviewed on ISR
Asmara International Community School Eritrea 8/19 evaluation 2 
Beautiful but remote city. Frequent blackouts & water shortages. On good days you get 15 minutes of dial-up…
Ivy Collegiate Academy Taiwan 8/19 evaluation 15
It was after I settled-in that I was told I would be offered a local-hire contract, not an ‘overseas’ contract…
Robin Appleby 8/16 (report 3)
GEMS Dubai American Academy
Casey Cosgray 8/16 (report 7)
Western Academy Beijing China
Casey Cosgray 8/16 (report 6)
Western Academy Beijing China
Al Maha Academy Qatar 8/16 evaluation 25
To SMT (school managment team) …Can I now get that Positive reference?…
Tamagawa Academy K-12 Japan 8/16 evaluation 2
Students allowed to turn in late work with no consequence and to know exactly what will be on tests…
Casey Cosgray 8/15 (report 5)
Western Academy Beijing China
Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia 8/15 evaluation 17 
The last week of school, during holidays, the Board’s purge began. The following events shattered lives…
QSI International School of Chengdu China 8/15 First time reviewed on ISR
American School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 8/15 evaluation 12 
There are many positive things about Mongolia, but you must be prepared for a difficult journey…. 
Gunma Kokusai Academy Japan 8/15 evaluation 2
English immersion school, NOT American international school although Kokusai means international…
Mike Wing 8/14 First time reviewed on ISR
American International School Hong Kong
Roy Crawford 8/14 (report 2)
Verdala International School Malta
American School Ulaanbaatar Mongolia 8/14 evaluation 11 
An extreme hardship post in all regards.
Al Maha Academy Qatar 8/14 evaluation 24
The head of secondary will not support you at all…
Tim Allen 8/13
International School Nanshan Shenzhen China
Carol Davis 8/13 (report 2)
International School Nanshan Shenzhen China
Casey Cosgray 8/13 (report 4)
Western Academy Beijing China
Tim Travers 8/13 (report 5)
American International School of Lagos
Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia 8/13 evaluation 16 
Board didn’t take to too kindly to school Head challenging their decision to cut back on staff & sacked him…
Colegio Anglo Colombiano Colombia 8/13 evaluation 4
Admin team has created a culture of “the student is always right”…
British School in Baku Azerbaijan 8/13 evaluation 6
No way near british standards…
Al Mizhar American Academy UAE 8/13 evaluation 17 
If you’ve never worked for a for-profit company before, you will soon learn what it means…
Tim Travers 8/12 (report 4)
American International School of Lagos
Cameron Fox 8/12
American International School Hong Kong China
American International School Kuwait 8/12 evaluation 59 
Lucrative tutoring circuit is best way to make money. 20 KD ($70) an hour will keep your pockets full of Dinar…
Doha British School Qatar 8/12  First time reviewed on ISR 
Pupils were fantastic, very respectful and hard working, but school has no resources…
Western Academy Beijing China 8/12 evaluation 21
With the recent firing of the director and changes that this termination brings, I fear rocky roads are still ahead….
Jim Lothschutz 8/9 (report 4)
Sandford International school Addis Ababa
Keiko Kamei 8/9 First time reviewed on ISR
Okinawa Amicus International Japan
International School Nanshan Shenzhen China 8/9 evaluation 2 
Limited course selection for students; not yet IB but slowly making the transition, only a couple AP courses…
Shanghai Singapore International School China 8/9 evaluation 12 
SSIS has a way. The way is unproductive & sadly restrictive. The way demoralizes. The way is old school…
Aditya Birla World Academy India 8/9 evaluation 2
Poor facilities, high turnover of staff…
Sekolah Nusa Alam Indonesia 8/9 evaluation 2
Great little school. People live here for the lifestyle, many of us are surfers and Lombok is fantastic for that… 
Internationale Schule am Rhein Germany 8/9 evaluation 3 
I have written a thorough review of this very troublesome & extremely dodgy school on my blog
Fraser Halliwell 8/8 First time reviewed on ISR
Colegio Anglo Colombiano
Adam Broomfield 8/8 (report 4,5,6,7)
Etonhouse International School Suzhou China
Walter Plotkin 8/8 (report 3)
Copenhagen International School Denmark
Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia 8/8 evaluation 15 
Board has shown zero scruples & clearly no knowledge of how to treat teachers in a professional manner…
Copenhagen International School Denmark 8/8 evaluation 2 
Teachers with a strong background in the IB might fair better..
Okinawa Amicus International Japan 8/8 evaluation 2 
Run like Japanese corporation – very rigid/rule oriented, extremely reactionary…very little innovation allowed…
Adam Broomfield 8/7 (report 3)
Etonhouse International School Suzhou China
Sinarmas World Academy Indonesia 8/7 evaluation 14 
If they intended to create a toxic climate in the school of mistrust and anger.. mission accomplished…
British School Manila Philippines 8/7 evaluation 3
Good school but Manila is not for everyone…
St. Fatima Language School Egypt 8/7 First time reviewed on ISR
St. Maur International School Yokohama Japan 8/6 evaluation 4 
Although I worked there over 20 years ago…
Casey Cosgray 8/6 (report 3)
Western Academy Beijing China
Jim Lothschutz 8/6 (report 3)
Sandford International school Addis Ababa
Colegio Anglo Colombiano Colombia 8/6 evaluation 3 
Many students believe teachers are there to serve them and give 100% in all assessments…
Dwight School Seoul Korea 8/6 evaluation 4
I must begin by stating that the teaching staff is magnificent – the best I have seen in any international school…
Dover Court Preparatory School Singapore 8/6 evaluation 2 
Salary is adequate and some can be saved. Singapore is very safe and an excellent hub…
International Schools Group Jubail Saudi Arabia 8/5 evaluation 2 
Expect to be frustrated if you want professional excellence or positive interaction with the local culture…
English Modern School Qatar 8/5 evaluation 6
There is a lot of discrepancy in the way they treat teachers and pay them…
International School Brunei Darussalam 8/5 evaluation 11 
A good school, fantastic kids. The pay has improved…
Canadian International School Kunshan 8/5 First time reviewed on ISR 
Five principals in one year of the school’s operation were not the only changes…
Dwight School Seoul Korea 8/5 evaluation 3
It is true that there are high expectations, however, hard work is appreciated and recognized…
Australian International School Singapore 8/5 evaluation 6
I am the author of one of the favorable reviews of AIS above. However…
International School London Qatar 8/2 evaluation 7
It’s all about making money…
British School of Egypt 8/2 evaluation 6
Generally I enjoyed my time here. But BEWARE, you need to be good at being patient …
International School Myanmar 8/2 evaluation 22
Parents began protesting rising tuition & declining standards… see Myanmar Times Article
George Washington Academy Morocco 8/1 evaluation 3 
Great place to work but salaries low, partly because of nearly 40% taxes & few benefits…
International School Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 8/1 evaluation 17 
Emphasis is on being ‘seen’ to provide quality education. Marketing department overly involved…
British School Caracas Venezuela 8/1 First time reviewed on ISR
Ruamrudee International School Bangkok Thailand 8/1 evaluation 39 
If you get a bad illness they will set up a donation fund for you. Good luck with that!…
British International School Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 8/1 evaluation 3 
Good riddance to moaners & complainers. I like the school and will be staying for the long term…
Albanian International School Albania 8/1 evaluation 2 
Letter to ISR: The school is finally on track after its “birthing pains” of the first six months…
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