February Additions To ISR

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New School Reviews

Ralph Farnsworth 2/27 First time reviewed on ISR
Misr American College Egypt
Michael Allen 2/27 First time reviewed on ISR 
Shanghai American School China
Mark McCallum 2/27 (report 5)
Chatsworth International School Singapore
Tyler Sherwood 2/27 (report 2)
Chatsworth International School, Singapore
Larry Molacek 2/27 (report 6)
Surabaya International School Indonesia
Luanda International School Angola 2/27 evaluation 32 
I would not hesitate in recommending the school to friends, however, it is definitely not for everyone…
Kaust School at King Abdullah University Saudi Arabia 2/27 evaluation 11 
Satisfaction with housing on a scale of 1-10 = 9…
Chatsworth International School Singapore 2/27 evaluation 10 
Students are a pleasure & Singapore is easy place to live, but this is not a happy work place in my opinion…
Jay Pritzker Academy Cambodia 2/27 evaluation 6 
Security/personal safety in and out of school = 7…
Larry Molacek 2/26 (report 5)
Surabaya International School Indonesia
British International School Barranquilla (Britanico) Colombia 2/26 evaluation 6
Barranquilla itself is hot, ugly and somewhat of a cultural desert…
Robert College Istanbul Turkey 2/26 evaluation 6
Largest concentration of bright students you will ever encounter in your teaching career….
 Jonathan Robins 2/25 (report 4)
Greengates School Mexico
QSI International School Shenzhen China 2/25 evaluation 3 
From my experience, I can identify QSI Shenzhen as having 4 red flags flags….
Surabaya International School Indonesia 2/25 evaluation 8 
Positives: plenty of classroom supplies, you really don’t need anything. Small community…
British School Lome Togo 2/24 evaluation 12
I would like to offer a rather different (if dated) perspective having generally appreciated my 3 years…
International College Beirut Lebanon 2/24 evaluation 2 
Beirut is a safe city. Don’t turn down a job here because you hear otherwise from the media back home…
Kiev International School Ukraine 2/24 evaluation 6
QSI takes care of it’s employees, providing adequate housing & medical coverage for employees & minor……
St. Constantine’s International School Tanzania 2/24 evaluation 4 
I love Tanzania, I really like Arusha, the students are a joy…
The Bridge International School Cameroon 2/24 First time reviewed on ISR
Gunma Kokusai Academy Japan 2/24 evaluation 11
No Winter, Summer or Spring breaks; students get them but faculty don’t…faculty get 28 days paid leave…
Guenter Boos 2/23 First time reviewed on ISR
European International School, Vietnam
Jan Lamb 2/23 First time reviewed on ISR
Baobab College in Zambia
Michael Osswald 2/23 First time reviewed on ISR
European International School Vietnam
Dwight School Seoul Korea 2/23 evaluation 11
The simple act of humility & genuine altruistic behavior is something all staff I know crave at Dwight School…
Guangdong Country Garden School 2/23 evaluation 6
Bring $3,500 for rental deposit, internet etc. School offers little housing support or moving allowance… 
Independent Schools Foundation Academy Hong Kong 2/23 evaluation 7
Overall a good school, so long as you don’t expect an international school with all the perks…
Qatar Academy Doha Qatar 2/20 evaluation 18
Only a person who can walk the fine line between these two cultures will be successful at this school…
Singapore International School (Kinderworld) 2/20 evaluation 14 
FREE LAND FREE LAND …You are probably thinking why is this about a group of schools…
Jeddah Prep and Grammar School 2/20 evaluation 9
There’s not very much to do in your spare time. Shopping & eating out is about it. Cinemas are banned…
Mark McCallum 2/19 (report 4)
Chatsworth International School Singapore
British School Lome Togo 2/19 evaluation 11
We were struck by the near fantasy level of review #7 and several set about to gently determine the source…
Dwight School Seoul Korea 2/19 evaluation 10
Your reward for all this is a low salary in a city rated 83 on the cost of living index…
Yinghao College China 2/19 First time reviewed on ISR 
Chatsworth International School Singapore 2/19 evaluation 9 
” There were problems here about for years ago apparently but those people are no monger working here.”
Michael Adams 2/18 (report 5)
American School Foundation Monterrey Mexico
Lee Fertig 2/18 First time reviewed on ISR
Graded School Sao Paulo Brazil
Nakornpayap International School Thailand 2/18 evaluation 2 
The current staff is trying to invoke a vote of no confidence in the administration to have them all removed…
Gulf English School Kuwait 2/18 evaluation 32
I’ve worked in a few dynamic schools and, unfortunately a couple that left a lot to be desired. GES falls…
 Aubrey Fowler 2/17 First time reviewed on ISR
American School of Vietnam
Early Learning Centre Bangkok Thailand 2/17 evaluation 8
Unfortunately ELC was not reviewed when I accepted the position. I really wish someone had…
American School Foundation Monterrey Mexico 2/17 evaluation 9 
People leave because they want to get married & their significant other isn’t in Monterrey with them…
Jayashankar Pillai 2/16 First time reviewed on ISR
Cambridge School Qatar
Erin Smith 2/16 First time reviewed on ISR
Nakorn Payap International School Thailand
Susan Lacy 2/16  First time reviewed on ISR
American international school Dhaka
Excelsior International School Malaysia 2/16 evaluation 6
Life is quiet here and suits families with small children. Housing is of a good standard. Salaries are low…
Al Bayan Bilingual School Kuwait 2/16 evaluation 22
Well-resourced & campus is very nice. Care goes into maintenance of property. The money is good…
Al Maha Academy Boys/Girls Qatar 2/16 evaluation 36
I mentioned that in some countries, such actions are called ‘assault’, He told me to stop being stupid!…
Waseda International School Tokyo Japan 2/16 evaluation 3 
Could be a good stepping stone for young & enthusiastic teachers looking for a “break” in Tokyo market…
Colegio Americano de Guayaquil Ecuador 2/16 First time reviewed on ISR
Surabaya International School Indonesia 2/12 evaluation 7 
Every student passes. If students are failing your class you aren’t differentiating enough…
Chatsworth International School Singapore 2/12 evaluation 8 
No bonus nor other benefits Medical cover is less than satisfactory Housing benefits are not enough…
George Washington Academy Morocco 2/12 evaluation 9 
Administrators seem to be a group of people who care about improving the school…
Andy Dailey 2/11 First time reviewed on ISR
Albanian College Albania
British Council School Madrid Spain 2/11 evaluation 3 
Nice kids & colleagues, I see senior managers as unrealistic in expectations with very little support given…
Albanian College Durress Albania 2/10 First time reviewed on ISR
 James Steckart 2/9 (report 2)
Qatar Leadership Academy Qatar
 Michael Urqhart 2/9 First time reviewed on ISR
Guangzhou Nanhu International School China
 Iain Garioch 2/9 (report 2)
Busan International Foreign School Korea
Qatar Leadership Academy Qatar 2/9 evaluation 11
If you can’t roll with another culture’s way of prioritizing & organizing time. this might be frustrating for you…
American School Vietnam 2/9 evaluation 15
People reported on each other. I watched a teacher openly accuse another teacher of posting to ISR…
St. George’s British International School Italy 2/9 First time reviewed on ISR 
Wee Haur Pek 2/6 (report 2)
Singapore International School Hong Kong
Kings’ School Dubai 2/6 First time reviewed on ISR 
MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul India 2/6 First time reviewed on ISR 
Seoul Foreign School Korea 2/6 evaluation 8
Happy to say I appreciate the direction this school is leading. Has to be one of the top schools…
GEMS World Academy Dubai UAE 2/6 evaluation 5
Dubai is fun with lots to do. Pricy & probably will continue to rise leading up to the World Expo in 2020…
Iain Garioch 2/5 First time reviewed on ISR
Busan International Foreign School Korea
Jorge Nelson 2/5 First time reviewed on ISR
North Jakarta International School Indonesia
Heritage Private School Cyprus 2/5 evaluation 3
Workload is criminal as are the expectations not just of you professionally but also personally…
Walter Plotkin 2/4 (report 4)
Copenhagen International School Denmark
British School Guangzhou China 2/4 evaluation 8
A leopard does not change its spots…
Al Maha Academy Boys/Girls Qatar 2/4 evaluation 35 
He is an honest & a polite man who works even in holidays so that his staff is happy…
American Baccalaureate School Kuwait 2/3 evaluation 22
Add a plethora of experiences to your life, be challenged, reach your greatness. This is the school for you…
International School Krakow Poland 2/3 evaluation 2
Well-administered, welcoming, small international school located outside of the city in a modern facility…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 2/3 evaluation 20
We are in a very competitive market, and to stay still, is to go backwards…
Singapore International School Hong Kong 2/3 evaluation 7 
For some reason seem to believe they are still in Singapore…
Cebu International School Philippines 2/2 evaluation 8 
Everything is not perfect, but opportunity to talk about what’s not perfect exists now & ore people friendly…
Xi’an Hanova International School China 2/2 First time reviewed on ISR 
Guangdong Country Garden School China 2/2 evaluation 5 
Weekend activities are very limited since this school is 1 hour each way from any type of a city…
Delia School Canada in Hong Kong 2/2 evaluation 4
Heavy workload. Y3, 82-minute periods a day. Class sizes up to 30, though generally around 20-25 range…
Australian International School Singapore 2/2 evaluation 8 
So, should you accept a position at AIS? Unless you are in management—a qualified YES.
Copenhagen International School Denmark 2/2 evaluation 6 
Professional development is generous & staff is professional. But there is very little organization….