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New School Reviews

Corey Stixrud 8/29 First time reviewed on ISR
Kodaikanal International School India
Berlin Brandenburg International School Germany 8/29 evaluation 5 
Campus is actually in Brandenburg, not Berlin, about an hour from centre of town by public transit…
Prem Center Tinsulanonda International School Thailand 8/29 evaluation 11 
Being single in Chiang Mai was lonely. A bigger school/city might have been better…
Al Khor International School Qatar 8/28 evaluation 49 Free at last…
Dayspring International Cambridge Study Centre South Africa 8/28 First time reviewed on ISR
Beijing International Bilingual Academy China 8/28 evaluation 8
I was picked up at airport an hour late & dropped at my apartment at 12am with no food, drink, or towel…
Westlake International School Malaysia 8/28
First time reviewed on ISR 
British School Nanjing China 8/28 evaluation 3
I enjoyed my 2 years at BSN, & have good memories of living in China. Be prepared for lots of stares…
Sascha Heckman 8/27 (report 9)
Shanghai American School China
Daniel Jubert 8/27 (report 3)
Shanghai Community International School
Yew Chung International School Qingdao China 8/27 evaluation 5 
Had I moved to Qingdao at a different stage of life I would have definitely taken up the second contract offer…
Nido de Aguilas Chile 8/27 evaluation 7 
Be prepared to purchase light fixtures/covers, major appliances…everything except toilet, sinks & bathtubs…
International School of Macaé Brazil 8/27 First time reviewed on ISR
Pete Corcoran 8/26 (report 4)
Seoul International School South Korea
Andy Page-Smith 8/26 (report 2)
American International School Johannesburg South Africa
Roy Grant Crawford 8/26 (report 11)
Northbridge International School Cambodia
Martin Mai 8/26 First time reviewed on ISR
Pledge Harbor School & Sports Academy Bangladesh  
Confucius International School China 5/26 First time reviewed on ISR
Pledge Harbor School & Sports Academy Bangladesh 8/26 First time reviewed on ISR
International School London Qatar 8/26 evaluation 13 
I have to say that unfortunately for those teachers that left, the school was not a match for them…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 8/26 evaluation 10 
You can paint the walls, and water the flowers, but a real successful school is one that..
Walther Hetzer 8/25 First time reviewed on ISR 
American International School West Campus
Wayne Rutherford 8/25 (report 5)
Cairo American College Egypt
Dover Court Preparatory School Singapore 8/25 evaluation 5 
Nord Anglia education now runs the school. I hope they make the necessary improvements…
Australian International School Saigon Vietnam 8/25 evaluation 2
I can think of 4 meetings to which admin never showed up. There are just too many daily frustrations….
Enka Okullari Istanbul Turkey 8/25 evaluation 11
I am glad I had this horrible experience because every other teaching job has to be an improvement!!…
El Gouna International School Egypt 8/25 evaluation 7 
A huge percentage of teachers have left the school at the end of last year due to excessive stress…
 Graham Beale 8/22 First time reviewed on ISR
Al Khor International School Qatar
 Bryan Sharp 8/22 First time reviewed on ISR
American School Durango Mexico
Katherine Douglas 8/22 First time reviewed on ISR
Newton International School Qatar
Vanessa Giraud 8/22 First time reviewed on ISR
MEF International School Izmir Turkey
Charles Wall 8/22 First time reviewed on ISR
British School Bahrain
Kevin Donnelly 8/22 (report 4)
El Gouna International School Egypt
Peter Hodge 8/22 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Benghazi Libya
Enka Okullari Istanbul Turkey 8/22 evaluation 10
Lots of meetings and time beyond the school day…
Tammy Tusek 8/21 First time reviewed on ISR
Glenelg School Abu Dhabi UAE
Al Jazeera Academy Doha Qatar 8/21 evaluation 25
Lovely building, nice parents. mostly rich Qataris who want their kids to do well, lots of very good teachers…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 8/21 evaluation 9 
Bottom line? Bromsgrove is a for profit school which is full of fantastic kids and great teachers…
Deidre Fischer 8/20 (report 7)
Bali International School Indonesia  
Vietnam Australia International School Vietnam 8/20 evaluation 6 
From August 2013 to May 2014 the school has been through 5 principals…
International School London Qatar 8/20 evaluation 12 
This is a three-program IB school yet almost no staff have been sent to IB workshops…
Smartkids International Childcare Centre Vietnam 8/20 First time reviewed on ISR
UCSI Intern’l School Malaysia 8/19 evaluation 4
It’s better than unemployment…
Ajial Bilingual School Kuwait 8/19 evaluation 6
Just constant frustrations one after another was enough to make me think long and hard about returning…
Foundation Program Qatar University Qatar 8/19 evaluation 4 
Dedicated educators will have to make too many compromises…
Glenelg School Abu Dhabi UAE 8/19 evaluation 26
After 84-days we moved from the hotel into our apartments. Head stoppedFacebook & social media usage… 
El Gouna International School Egypt 8/18 evaluation 6 
Basically, expect minimal and expect to use your already low salary, to compensate…
Enka Okullari Istanbul Turkey 8/18 evaluation 9
I was written-up for leaving 20 minutes early in a year I missed only 1 day of teaching & subbed 18 hours…
El Gouna International School Egypt 8/18 evaluation 5 
Many parts of the town are like a ghost town as tourism has suffered…
St. George’s School Switzerland 8/18 evaluation 2
A new Head will begin in August 14 and will hopefully have the courage and backbone to support the staff…
Institute of Applied Technology UAE 8/18 evaluation 2
If students failed it was the teacher’s fault. The students are the most incorrigible I have ever seen…
British School Beijing Shunyi Campus 8/15 evaluation 4
If you can get beyond the pollution issues, then I think you will enjoy working at BSB…
Al Maha Academy Boys/Girls Division Qatar 8/15 evaluation 33
I’m not going to sugar coat anything about the school but personally I have had no issues…
David Freeman 8/14 (report 3)
Lahore American School Pakistan
American School Vietnam 8/14 evaluation 13
It was literally a witch hunt when what I consider a very truthful blog was posted on ISR…
Foundation Program Qatar University Qatar 8/14 evaluation 3 
The program is very large and it takes a long time to understand the organization and colleagues…
Advanced Learning Schools Saudi Arabia 8/13 evaluation 1 
Very good package, but professional compromises you’ll make are difficult for many Western staff…
New School International School Georgia 8/13 evaluation 9 
Overall I really enjoyed my two years at New School and even considered staying a third year…
Guangzhou Nanhu International School 8/13 China evaluation 6 
I am happy to be out…
Al Khor International School Qatar 8/12 evaluation 48 
Horrendous, evil place. Teaching there is completely bonkers…
Stamford American International School Singapore 8/12 evaluation 17 
Stamford is in a new large building; but look carefully…
Roy Grant Crawford 8/11 (report 10)
Verdala International School Malta
Roy Grant Crawford 8/11 (report 9)
Verdala International School Malta
Heritage International School Egypt 8/11 evaluation 3 
Administration unfair and intimidates teachers and students alike…
El Gouna International School Egypt 8/11 evaluation 4 
Facts you should consider before accepting a post here. 1) There is no contract and there will be no…
Steve Geraghty 8/8 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Brunei, Burnei Darussalam
Roy Grant Crawford 8/8 (report 8)
Verdala International School Malta
Al Yasmina School Abu Dhabi UAE 8/8 evaluation 5
Was a real international school when I arrived, but now it’s becoming a school of locals…
International School Brunei, Burnei Darussalam 8/8 evaluation 12 A very good school all-round…
Bernadette Blenk 8/7 First time reviewed on ISR
International School Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Roy Grant Crawford 8/7 (report 7)
Verdala International School Malta
International School of Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 8/7 evaluation 4
If you choose to work at ISSD, you will probably have a great year…
Doha British School Qatar 8/7 evaluation 4
Took months to get my money, despite having the initiative to give my bank detailsthat no one requested…
Tianjin Rego International School China 8/6 evaluation 6 
As you can see I worked at the school over 10 years ago but nothing has changed!…
GEMS American Academy Dubai UAE 8/6 evaluation 14 
I ended up leaving GAA not because I disliked the school; I grew to dislike the UAE. It isn’t for everyone…
Baku Talents Education Complex Azerbaijan 8/5 evaluation 4 
All the original, non-management teaching staff who founded the school back in Aug 2013 have now gone!
Al Mizhar American Academy UAE 8/5 evaluation 18
Some students never be held accountable for despicable behavior. In one particularly egregious incident…
Seri Omega Private & International School Malaysia 8/5 evaluation 6 
The details they don’t reveal…
American School Bombay India 8/5 evaluation 7
My role as part of the admin provided me a wealth of hands on knowledge within international schooling.
Asian Hope International School Cambodia 8/5 First time reviewed on ISR
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 8/4 evaluation 8
I look back at my time there with fond memories…
Antigua International School Guatemala 8/4 evaluation 2
I am a school founder . It is unfortunate anyone would have the experience the previous reviewer had…
Bromsgrove International School Thailand 8/1 evaluation 7 
Not well-resourced. Nobody here should have to make, `do or improvise, but this is the norm… 
Hangzhou #14 Secondary School China 8/1 First time reviewed on ISR
Dipont Education China 8/1 evaluation 18
‘The code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.’ — Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean)