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New School Reviews

• Luanda International School Angola 10/31 evaluation 41
The school is fiscally very sound & the issues associated with non-payment of salaries are based on the country’s current economic situation…

• Internationale Schule am Rhein Germany 10/31 evaluation 9
If you are willing to work in a place where you are considered to be “disposable” then, you could find a fit at ISR…

• Day Waterman College Nigeria 10/31 evaluation 3
Salaries were often withheld by the board due to a fear of staff not returning after a holiday break…

• American School Vietnam 10/28 evaluation 16
The benefits and pay are horrible! There is basically NO INSURANCE!..

• Luanda International School Angola 10/28 evaluation 40
We have still not been paid. I can no longer afford to stay here but I am trapped…

• Haileybury Almaty Kazahkstan 10/27 evaluation 11
There are always positives and negatives to every role and this is the same for this school…

• Guangdong Country Garden School China 10/27 evaluation 17
Just thought I would chime in on the recent “developments” at the school…

• International Programs School Saudi Arabia 10/27 evaluation 6 Rubic Only

• American International School Vietnam 10/26 evaluation 18
Is it a perfect school? No, but it is trying be a great school…

• Colegio Jorge Washington Columbia 10/26 evaluation 5
There is no accountability in the teaching of the curriculum…

• Gyeonggi Suwon International School Korea 10/25 evaluation 10
For the most part I felt supported and had an overall good experience but there are better options…

• American Academy Casablanca Morocco 10/25 evaluation 15
This dysfunctional school will squeeze every drop of your energy and leave you utterly drained and undeniably questioning your future as a teacher…

• RDF International School China 10/25 evaluation 5
Working in a foreign country requires an open mind and respect for the local culture. No evidence of this from our current leadership…

• Haileybury Almaty Kazahkstan 10/24 evaluation 10
I am not usually one driven to go to the lengths of contributing to a forum like this but after seeing the last few reviews I had to write something in response…

• Cambridge International School Great Britain 10/24 evaluation 2
The teaching staff are in general very good and do their best in an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust…

• Nord Anglia Int’l School Shanghai Pudong China 10/21 evaluation 12
Contracts are offered, the candidate accepts, the school realises they have lost pupils, and they withdraw the offer at the last minute…

• Canadian Bilingual School Kuwait 10/21 evaluation 5
Kuwait schools, CBS included, require teachers with strong teaching skills and classroom presence, flexibility and a sense of humour…

• Haileybury Almaty Kazahkstan 10/21 evaluation 9
I really enjoyed my first year at Haileybury Almaty, and I managed well enough my second year by appearing as though everything was fine…

• American Int’l School Johannesburg South Africa 10/21 evaluation 9
AISJ is an interesting school with some absolutely great points and then some areas where there are significant problems that should be addressed…

• International School Ulm Germany 10/20
First time reviewed on ISR

• International School Zanzibar Tanzania 10/20 evaluation 3
I really enjoy working at the school and think that the island of Zanzibar is a paradise type place…

• Western International School Honduras 10/20 evaluation 2
I really liked working with them, the school has new and adequate spaces, I received all the material I needed to teach…

• Day Waterman College Nigeria 10/19 evaluation 2
I had an enjoyable 2 years which is mainly due to the great students, some local staff and the expat community…

• Haileybury Almaty Kazahkstan 10/19 evaluation 8
I am signing on for a third year. I think I am lucky to work at this school…

• American International School Abuja Nigeria 10/19 evaluation 9
The school has many positives, sadly, if the current head of school stays the quality of education will be seriously affected…

• Bilkent Laboratory & Int’l School Turkey 10/18 evaluation 23
The government is now making it very hard for schools to obtain visas for their new foreign teachers in good time…

• Haileybury Almaty Kazahkstan 10/18 evaluation 7
Nobody is saying the school is perfect but the majority of staff are happy here…

• American Embassy School New Delhi India 10/18 evaluation 9
The school is amazing and India is a matter of taste…

• Asia Pacific International School Korea 10/17 evaluation 12
Your first year here is going to suck, that maybe true anywhere. Tough it out and the next year(s) will get better…

• Dipont Education China 10/17 evaluation 22
DiPont is a corrupt, slimy octopus with its tentacles in American universities. This is now a matter of record…

• UCSI International School Malaysia 10/17 evaluation 8
If you look at our website, you will fall in love with the facilities but they are poorly maintained. The students are great and very well-behaved…

• RDF International School China 10/17 evaluation 4
Expat teachers are not happy here. Don’t let the rainbows and butterflies convince you otherwise…

• Xi’an Hanova International School China 10/17 evaluation 6
The variation in the reviews about Hanova reflects the fact that the school has changed so much every year since its start in 2012…

• American School Kuwait 10/14 evaluation 49
An OK place to work if you’re a new teacher looking for experience, however, it gets harder and harder to thrive after each passing year…

• Nottingham British School Kuwait 10/14 evaluation 3
Many staff are brought in on visit visas – this makes them not entitled to health care or legal rights regarding contracts…

• Haileybury Almaty Kazahkstan 10/14 evaluation 6
Rebuttal to previous review…

• American Academy Casablanca Morocco 10/14 evaluation 14
The organization is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I love my school and my kids are happy…

• American Cooperative School Tunis Tunisia 10/13 evaluation 21
Tunisia has been in the news lately, but people who live here feel very safe. The country is beautiful, and affords teachers a very wholesome lifestyle…

• Korea International School Jeju Campus Korea 10/13 evaluation 12
If you have a growth mindset, are invested in improving the community, & have the patience to deal with fast evolving systems, you’ll enjoy working here…

• English Academy Kuwait 10/12 evaluation 25
A decent school with good results!..

• Sultan’s School Oman 10/12 evaluation 15
This was once a good school, those days are long, long gone…

• RDF International School China 10/11 evaluation 3
Teaching abroad requires flexibility, and while this school was not exactly as I had envisioned; as a teacher I feel respected and fairly treated…

• Victoria International School Sharjah UAE 10/11 evaluation 12
I am surprised there are any IB graduates from the school. Or are there?? No results are published outside of the school…

• Western Academy Beijing China 10/11 evaluation 23
Although WAB has had a few bumps on the road over the past few years, it remains head and shoulders above most international schools in the world…

• Nilai International School Malaysia 10/10 First time reviewed on ISR

• Chiang Rai International School Thailand 10/10 evaluation 6
An effort was made to improve the school and hire qualified professional personnel…

• Dulwich College Shanghai China 10/10 evaluation 11
There’s nothing sadder then having to go to work in a place you hate…

• Cairo English School Egypt 10/10 evaluation 15
I would say this is a good school and on the up if you can stand the chaos that is Egypt!..

• Early Learning Centre Bangkok 10/7 evaluation 10
Consequences for negative behavior not allowed. Report cards are narratives to enhance the student, regardless of their abilities…

• Doha Academy Qatar 10/7 evaluation 3
Discipline is key. If you can’t  handle very poor discipline in the primary and the boy’s school then you will be in serious trouble…

• American School Bangkok Thailand 10/7 evaluation 21
If you are fresh out of college, love to party, do not have kids and have a flexible and laid-back attitude, then give ASB a try…

• British School Bahrain 10/7 evaluation 14
They tried to dampen the fall-out by threatening breach of contract if we spoke to anyone, including colleagues, via a gag-order…

• Diocesan Boys School Hong Kong 10/7 evaluation 4
located in Mongkok, a crowded & filthy area. Not nice place to live unless you make a great deal of money for a nice unit…

• Singapore Korean Int’l School Singapore 10/6 First time reviewed on ISR

• British International School Ukraine 10/6 evaluation 20
Although this review is scathing, I loved Kyiv and would gladly work in the city again. Not for this school though!..

• St. Paul American School Hanoi Vietnam 10/6 evaluation 8
With this comes unprofessional administrators, teachers as well as unhappy students and parents…

• Dulwich College Suzhou China 10/5 evaluation 7
This is a for-profit machine, & the administration makes it very clear that parental happiness & results are their primary concerns – not education…

• Etonhouse International School Wuxi China 10/5 evaluation 4
If you are a passionate teacher wanting to grow and be part of a professional community, I do not recommend you join this school…

• Dasman Bilingual School Kuwait 10/5 evaluation 51
I have been with this school for several years. NO doubt that it is going downwards under current Academic Director…

• Harrow International School Beijing China 10/5 evaluation 2
Relations with upper management are not great because individual creativity from teachers is apparently not valued and possibly dangerous to your career…

• Jeddah Knowledge School Saudi Arabia 10/4 evaluation 19
I am considering leaving the school as teaching a bunch of rude & disrespectful girls was not what I intend to do in my career as a teacher…

• St. Francis College Brazil 10/4 evaluation 7
It’s a money making business, which means you may not have materials you need for your course but the serviettes will be embossed with the school logo…

• Casablanca American School Morocco 10/4 evaluation 43
The city is what made me leave. Best word I have heard so far is aggressive. It’s a gritty, dirty, poor, patriarchal city…

• OurPlanet International School Oman 10/3 evaluation 2
Fantastic teachers when I worked there but all this was over shadowed by the black cloud of ineffective, unprofessional management…

• British School Baku Azerbaijan 10/3 evaluation 14
The contract is a lie & not honored. I was paid on time once. Most payments were 10 to 18 days late…

• Early Learning Centre Thailand 10/3 evaluation 9
The school is absolutely beautiful – however it has the atmosphere of a show home. You are not allowed to move anything or have anything out of line…

• RDF International School China 10/3 evaluation 2
The whole RDF situation absolutely stinks and has no place in international education…

Director & Principal Reports

• George Piancentini 10/31 (Director Report 6)
Ihsan Dogrimaci Bilkent Erbil College Iraq

• Gretchen DePoint 10/28 (Principal Report 6)
Ruamrudee International School Thailand

• Jereon Gakes 10/28 (Principal Report 3)
Yew Chung International School Qingdao China

• Jonathan Warner 10/26 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Jeddah Prep and Grammar School Saudi Arabia

• George Piancentini 10/24 (Director Report 5)
Ihsan Dogrimaci Bilkent Erbil College Iraq

• Richard Dyer 10/21 (Principal Report 3)
British International School Budapest Hungary

• Justin Rankin 10/21 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Ayeyarwaddy International School Myanmar

• Clive Herde 10/20 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

International School Myanmar

• Bob Beach 10/19 (Principal Report 2)
American International School Abuja Nigeria

• Wallace Ting 10/19 (Director Report 4)
American International School Abuja Nigeria

• Rachel Harrington 10/18 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
International School Manila Philippines

• Peter Murphy 10/18 (Director Report 5)
Vienna International School Austria

• Ana Allen 10/14 (Principal Report 3)
American School Kuwait

• Kim Dodd 10/14 (Principal Report 4)
Al Sahwa Schools Oman

• Colin Brown 10/13 (Director Report 6)
International School Sosua Dominican Republic

• Leo Thompson 10/13 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Al Batinah International School Oman

• Craig Halsall 10/12 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Haileybury Almaty Kazakstan

• Jane McGee 10/12 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Vientiane International School Laos

• Jim Stearns 10/11 (Director Report 3)
Victoria International School Sharjah UAE

• Kim Dodd 10/11 (Principal Report 3)
Al Sahwa Schools Oman

• Mona Zhang 10/10 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

RDF International School China

• Sasha Heckmann 10/6 (Principal Report 11)
Shanghai American School Puxi China

• Steven Jordahl 10/6 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
St. Paul American School Hanoi Vietnam

• James Edward Cooke 10/4 (Principal Report 3) Shanghai Singapore International School China

• Francis Renson 10/4 (Director Report 3)  Hay Al Sharooq International School Oman

• Shirley Hazell 10/4 (Director Report 3)  St. Francis College Brazil

• Robert Owen Jones 10/3 (Principal Report 3)  OurPlanet International School Oman

• Jackie Alexander Piazza 10/3 (Director Report 2)  Early Learning Centre Thailand

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