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New School Reviews

• GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi UAE 1/31 evaluation 2
The disparity in pay between the expat teachers from Western countries and teachers from 2nd world countries can be depressing…

• Luanda International School Angola 1/31 evaluation 44
The current climate at this school is one of fear. No one can be honest and state their case because it will eventually be held against them…

• Alice Smith School Malaysia 1/31 evaluation 6
The school is made up of a great community of friendly teachers and activities organised to help to make KL home…

• International School Bangkok Thailand 1/31 evaluation 8
ISB enrollment is declining and unfortunately, they are laying off people…

• Canadian International School Kunshan China 1/30 evaluation 15
This institution is neither IB nor Ontario certified, and they have no hopes of obtaining either certification in the foreseeable future…

• International School Krakow Poland 1/30 evaluation 5
This incident uncovered the fact that none of the expat teachers at ISK had adequate medical insurance…

• Albanian College Tirana Albania 1/30 evaluation 2
The school is not actively trying to recruit international students, so it will remain all locals unless they change the admissions and recruitment strategy…

• Rio International School Brazil 1/30 evaluation 5
Professional development is minimal during the year but in the days preceding the school year professional speakers are usually invited for workshops…

• Hayah International Academy Egypt 1/27 evaluation 18
This school is organized. You will always know what is going on as a weekly bulletin is emailed with important events and dates…

• Magen David Academy Panama 1/27 evaluation 5
All students belong to the local Jewish Community however the focus is on learning and developing enduring relationships…

• Tarsus American College/School Turkey 1/27 evaluation 10
Everything you read about this school in the previous posts is true. Nothing has changed!..

• Rio International School Brazil 1/27 evaluation 4
The director boasts having a high percentage of foreign staff, but every year that percentage gets lower due to inflation and the low salary he pays…

• American International School Chennai India 1/27 evaluation 22
The academic rigor is outstanding, and the ability to save money is phenomenal…

• Institute of Applied Technology UAE 1/27 evaluation 4
Don’t bother studying your contract because it won’t be upheld…

• Albanian College Tirana Albania 1/26 First time reviewed on ISR

• Rio International School Brazil 1/26 evaluation 3
Working here has been a great experience, however, it has not come without tremendous stress, challenges, and violations or my personal ethics…

• Edison International Academy Qatar 1/26 evaluation 3
It’s good to see that other teachers are coming forward about this school. I started with the school in August of 2016 and quickly realized my mistake…

• Yew Wah International Education School Yantai China 1/26 evaluation 3
Facilities and resources are inadequate and teachers basically have to look for online resources on their own…

• Hong Qiao International School China 1/26 evaluation 9
More than half of the western teachers are leaving this year (again)…

• Branksome Hall Asia Korea 1/25 evaluation 9
Do not be blinded by the amazing facilities and good package that this school has to offer, you will certainly be earning it…

• American Creativity Academy Kuwait 1/25 evaluation 37
I feel like if IBO had an idea of what goes on in our IB program, they would revoke the school’s status as an IB world school…

• British School Beijing Shunyi Campus China 1/25 evaluation 7
I loved this school from the offset and have found it really hard to settle elsewhere…

• Kaiwen Academy China 1/25 evaluation 4
It makes a first good impressive when you arrive but that is the only positive thing about the school…

• Concordia International School Hanoi Vietnam 1/24 evaluation 2
Admin seems to care as much about you and your students (and their families) being happy as they do about academic progress…

• Seoul International School Korea 1/24 evaluation 35
Retakes are mandatory to a degree which places extraneous work on us teachers…

• Aldar Academies UAE 1/24 evaluation 6
The head and SLT are generally supportive and however much their hands are tied by UAE bureaucracy they do strive to do the best for staff and students…

• Kaiwen Academy China 1/23 evaluation 3
Four of the six well-qualified people fired in the first semester were black and/or of Indian origin…

• Shanghai American School – Puxi China 1/23 evaluation 27
Outsiders must wonder about the high degree of discontent at this school, wave after wave. It largely has to do with some of the administration…

• American International School Hong Kong 1/23 evaluation 11
AIS continues to be one of the lowest paying international schools in HK and their housing incentive is abysmal considering the cost of rent in HK…

• Ambrit International School Italy 1/20 evaluation 2
Too many students are out of control and the pay is low…

• Tsinghua International School China 1/20 evaluation 2
Students & staff tend to feel part of the family after spending more than a year at the school & view the working environment as collaborative and enjoyable…

• Kaiwen Academy China 1/20 evaluation 2
Four foreign faculty members were ask to leave within the first few months of the school for reasons that would not hold up in schools that have unions…

• Hay Al Sharooq International School Oman 1/20 evaluation 15.1
The majority of the teachers that believe in the potential and future of the school!..

• Guiyang Concord College Sino-Canada China 1/19 First time reviewed on ISR

• Shanghai American School – Puxi China 1/19 evaluation 26
Even after all these complaints, SAS is still a great school because of the amazing teachers and students…

• International School Manila Philippines 1/19 evaluation 9
Even the staff members who go on to other schools describe how they miss ISM and how they regret leaving…

• Daystar Academy China 1/19 evaluation 2
The school is going through growing pains, and there is some uncertainty right now regarding job duties and scope but this should get better…

• La Sierra International School Colombia 1/18 evaluation 3
Teachers leave because the cost of living to salary ratio is impossible to sustain oneself on and the direction of the school is at best lackluster…

• Changchun American International School China 1/18 evaluation 12
It is a difficult place to work, as there is so little regard for professional ethics and honest collaboration…

• Modern English School Egypt 1/18 evaluation 25
At my last school I was basically fine by Christmas break. I could have gone on. Here, by Christmas I was on my knees…

• Kaiwen Academy China 1/17 First time reviewed on ISR

• Ibn Khuldoon National School Bahrain 1/17 evaluation 9
This school is all about blaming the teacher. There is little support…

• Modern English School Egypt 1/17 evaluation 24
MES is a business not a school. It has no teacher moral or retention…

• United World College Thailand 1/17 evaluation 2
The remote school location is lovely but far away from everything. The overall package is a rude awakening…

• Hong Qiao International School China 1/16 evaluation 8
Pros: You get paid. Easy to move up to admin. Great way to get IB experience because school does not require prior experience…

• Hay Al Sharooq International School Oman 1/16 evaluation 15
Sadly, so many teachers are using this site to slander and bring down the school. If they were better teachers, they would…

• Edison International Academy Qatar 1/16 evaluation 2
Since I lack the skills or experiences to work in a circus, I decided it would be in my best interests to leave…

• Okma International Academy Qingdao China 1/16 evaluation 2
I signed a 2 year contract, however, due to multiple breaches of contract, I am leaving after the first year…

• Ras Al Khaimah Academy UAE 1/16 evaluation 14
The school is not a bad school to work at per say, but do not expect management to support you or to show an interest in academics…

• Shanghai American Sch. – Puxi & Pudong China 1/16 evaluation 25
Top Down Economics. Admin getting more benefits.  Due to the currency de-valuation, teachers have received an 8% pay cut…

• American Int’l School – West Campus Egypt 1/13 evaluation 14
The culture is slowly changing and many parents have commented to me how much positive change has occurred…

• Shen Wai International School China 1/13 evaluation 5
All in all do your homework on this school. The students are great, but the institution itself is questionable…

• Myanmar International School 1/13 evaluation 7
The administration so far has not made any significant steps to better the school for the students or teachers…

• The Oxford Academy Kuwait 1/12 evaluation 5
They are out of touch with new developments in the curriculum and the institutionalized racism in the school is heartbreaking…

• Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park Malaysia 1/12 evaluation 3
The school is in a really bad location. Teachers can drive there only, but there is a race for parking spaces every single morning…

• Beijing International School BISS China 1/12 evaluation 6
The school has yet to follow through with contracted salaries for former employees…

• Korea International School Jeju Campus Korea 1/12 evaluation 13
We just returned from the ISS job fair in Bangkok, where we met the recruiter for KIS…

• International School Vietnam Hanoi 1/11 evaluation 10
I am glad people have been able to write reviews about this school, thanks to ISR…

• International School Krakow Poland 1/11 evaluation 4
I enjoy this school a lot as I have had a very positive experience with my coworkers and principal…

• American Community School Beirut Lebanon 1/11 evaluation 10
The school is old so many of the buildings and classrooms are small and the school is poorly laid out…

• Dwight School Seoul Korea 1/10 evaluation 12
With the current package & culture the school seems to attract new teachers who need experience or older teachers who are aged out of other countries…

• Ajman Academy UAE 1/10 evaluation 3
The infrastructure looks incredible, but the underpinning values of a school that is now largely Islamic and not British or IB in any way…

• British School of Egypt 1/10 evaluation 11
The only positive I can give is that the children are amazing but sadly, lack of structure and discipline for them is having a negative effect…

• ACS International Schools – Hillingdon Campus Great Britain 1/9 evaluation 3
The school facilities, parents and students are wonderful; however, the leadership is not the greatest…

• Colegio Inter-Americano Guatemala 1/9 evaluation 12
Inter-Americano was clearly once a great school, but has not invested the time, money, or resources to keep up with a changing world…

• Internationale Schule am Rhein Germany 1/9 evaluation 14
The facilities are impressive, they pay on time, and the Neuss area is a wonderful place to enjoy life in Germany…

• Ras Al Khaimah Academy UAE 1/9 evaluation 13
After reading the last two ‘glowing’ reports about RAK Academy, I am compelled to write…

• Hay Al Sharooq International School Oman 1/6 evaluation 14
Don’t expect to get all the money that is stated in your contract…

• Leipzig International School Germany 1/6 evaluation 4
The benefits teachers are used to do not exist in this school because it has an internal scale of wages and taxes are extremely high but the kids are lovely…

• Wellington College International Shanghai China 1/6 evaluation 2
I doubt our school’s fairly tenuous reputation at the moment would survive a serious PR blow like this…

• British School Kathmandu Nepal 1/6 evaluation 11
The CPD does seem to be ill run & seems a complete waste when you could be marking, dealing with students or running a worthwhile club…

• Ambrit International School Italy 1/5 First time reviewed on ISR

• Luanda International School Angola 1/5 evaluation 43
In the last 6 months, we have only one month of salary being paid to many teachers with some teachers lucky enough to receive two…

• Karachi American School Pakistan 1/4 evaluation 5
I came to KAS as a broken teacher, traumatized from my last teaching post. I leave fully healed and hopeful that schools like this still do exist…

• Cambridge International School Russia 1/4 evaluation 13
Unlike other schools in Moscow you are expected to pay for your accommodation and travel yourself…

• Edison International Academy Qatar 1/3 First time reviewed on ISR

• Chiang Mai International School Thailand 1/3 evaluation 6
CMIS is arguably the best in Chiang Mai and you will be told that during recruitment. Be aware, though, that the bar is set quite low…

• Beijing Huijia Private School China 1/3 evaluation 6
While instructors provide lessons of depth & quality, the school admits students who cannot understand English and/or refuse to function as students…

• American Cooperative School La Paz Bolivia 1/3 evaluation 4
Because the school is small, the responsibility is large upon each community member (students included)…

• International School of Indiana USA 1/2 First time reviewed on ISR

• Ras Al Khaimah Academy UAE 1/2 evaluation 12
I am thoroughly enjoying my time here and relishing this valuable international experience…

• Alcanta International College China 1/2 evaluation 4
The current management makes working at AIC unbearable for anyone who cares about teaching…

Director & Principal Reports

• Raymond Williams 1/31 (Principal Report 3)
New Cairo British International School Egypt

• Sascha Heckmann 1/31 (Principal Report 14)
Shanghai American School China

• David Butcher 1/30 (Principal Report 3)
International School the Hague Netherlands

• Jennifer Kesler 1/30 (Principal Report 3)
Albanian College Tirana Albania

• Joelle Basnight 1/27 (Principal Report 4)
American International School Chennai India

• Jennifer Kesler 1/26 (Principal Report 2)
Albanian College Tirana Albania

• Candice Spengler 1/26 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Rio International School Brazil

• Christophe Henry 1/25 (Principal Report 2)
Jakarta Intercultural School Indonesia

• Beverley von Zielonka 1/25 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Branksome Hall Asia Korea

• Michael Lindsay 1/24 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Rio International School Brazil

• Lambert Okma 1/24 (Director Report 2)
Okma International Academy Qingdao China

• Paul Williams 1/23 (Director Report 6)
American School Foundation Mexico City

• Dylan Hughes 1/23 (Director Report 2)
Luanda International School Angola

• Hugh Schoolman 1/20 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Colegio Jorge Washington Cartagena Colombia

• Bob Beach 1/20 (Principal Report 3)
American International School Abuja Nigeria

• Chris Regier 1/19 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Guiyang Concord College Sino-Canada China

• Simon Taylor 1/19 (Director Report 5)
American British Academy Oman

• Jim Gerhard 1/18 (Principal Report 8)
Seoul International School Korea

• Helen Babbin 1/18 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Fawzia Sultan International School Kuwait

• Dan Waterman 1/18 (Director Report 5)
Access International Academy Ningbo China

• Martin Thomas 1/17 (Principal Report 3)
Canadian International School Bangalore India

• Theron Mott 1/17 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Shanghai American School – Puxi China

• Sonia Bustamante 1/13 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR

Brent International Schools Philippines

• Peter Donkin 1/13 (Principal Report 3)
Ihsan Dogrimaci Bilkent Erbil College Iraq

• Zakariya Palsha 1/11 (Director Report 2)
Fawzia Sultan International School Kuwait

• Sascha Heckmann 1/10 (Principal Report 13)
Shanghai American School China

• Kevin Skeoch 1/10 (Director Report 2)
Dwight School Seoul Korea

• Samantha Newbon 1/9 (Principal Report 4)
Garden International School Malaysia

• Cathy Allen 1/9 (Director Report 2)
Quality International Schools Astana Kazakstan

• Sascha Heckmann 1/6 (Principal Report 12)
Shanghai American School China

• Linda VanLaan 1/4 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
English Modern School Doha Qatar

• Sam Robertson 1/3 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Modern English School Egypt

• Peter Godfrey 1/3 (Director Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Modern English School Egypt

• Kevin Blissett 1/2 (Principal Report)
First time reviewed on ISR
Chengdu Meishi International School China

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