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Colegio International de Caracas, Venezuela

Dates covered: 20xx – 20xx
Average Score of all Reviews: 6.5
School Website:

Comments: Venezuela is a beautiful country. However, for Colegio International de Caracas, its future is fading…

Crime is very high and it is dangerous to go out at night. There are constant demonstrations, political unrest, and even deaths at some of these. Some teachers have been mugged in front of their apartments, and held at gun point just blocks from Colegio International de Caracas by criminals. There are exchange controls on the dollar in which a teacher loses real money. This combined with 40% inflation rate eats away at your savings and disposable cash flow…

The ARTS at Colegio International de Caracas are a key feature of the school. The Board and its committees are highly functioning and include faculty and student input. The housing for expats is…

Approximately half the graduates at Colegio International de Caracas participate in the full IB diploma program and many attend top quality universities. Alumni often express great affection and appreciation for the school…

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