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Lahore American School, Pakistan

Dates covered: 20xx – 20xx
Average Score of all Reviews: 7
School Website:

Comments: The admin during our time at Lahore American School was understaffed, overworked and under experienced. Despite all this…

The Board at Lahore American school is the main reason this school has been going down hill the two years I have been here and will continue to go downhill. It is a completely parent based board full of people that know nothing about education but think they know everything…

Even though there are rules in place at Lahore American School regarding suspensions, expulsions involving discipline and grades they are just suggestions. Everything here is a negotiation and so when the administration advises a student should repeat a grade or be expelled the letter of the law is not always followed if your parent…

Security at Lahore American School: Don’t believe everything you see on CNN. Almost all of the school staff and people you will generally meet in Lahore are very friendly and have a big smile on their face when they see you. Many tend to stare but this is only because foreigners…

Staff: Lahore American School is a small school and there is also a small staff to go along with it. Most of the staff is extremely hard working and put in lots of extra time with their students. This time is rarely rewarded with the same amount of effort from students…

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