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Academia Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Dates covered: 20xx – 20xx
Average Score of all Reviews: 6.5
School Website:

Comments: During my time at Academia Cotopaxi it was experiencing a crisis on many levels. The problems started with the arrival of a new Director who tends to have a dictatorial approach.This style does not sit well with the majority of the teachers. Thankfully, I was able to avoid confrontation, but many others were not so fortunate.Some rants and fits took place in front of the students. I was embarrassed for him, but at the same time, there was very little to respect…

The students at Academia Cotopaxi seemed to realize that the power was in their command. They basically ruled…

These dramatic scenes never had a positive outcome. Students at Academia Cotopaxi having academic difficulties in one class were often switched to other levels, in an attempt to satisfy the demands of the parents…

It’s overall a case of Academia Cotopaxi attempting to present a cosmetic good show rather than dealing with nor concern for academic pursuit. The economic situation of living in Ecuador is a concern for teachers. The cost of living continues to spiral upward while the salaries have stayed the same or in some cases have been reduced. Quito is a lovely place to live, but was frequently becoming not a safe place, especially for a single woman teacher…

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