Uptown School
Dubai, UAE

Evaluation 1).
Academic integrity of Uptown School
Effectiveness of administration at Uptown School  
Academic and disciplinary support provided at Uptown School  
Director's involvement in academics at Uptown School  
Fair and equitable treatment by board and director at Uptown School  
Uptown School has adequate educational materials on hand  
Attitude of local community towards foreigners at Uptown School  
Cost of living in relation to salary at Uptown School  
Satisfaction with housing at Uptown School  
Community offers a variety of activities at Uptown School  
Availability and quality of local health care at Uptown School  
Assistance with visas, shipping and air travel at Uptown School  
Extra-curricular load is reasonable at Uptown School  
Security / personal safety at Uptown School  

The day-to-day running of Uptown School was by the Deputy who was also the MYP coordinator. To say that she was difficult to work for is an understatement. Opinionated and dismissive, in staff meetings she would openly criticise a teacher if they disagreed with her. Some teachers were put under enormous pressure because she took a dislike to them and made their time at school difficult. I was lucky in that she didn't target me, but she would have to rank as....

The DP coordinator
at Uptown School was also part of the management team. He was a professional who worked hard to support teachers, a great listener and always willing to help out. I liked him, he was a decent person. Why the Head and DP would put up with....

Staff were unhappy when I left, morale was....

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