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Our recent Newsletter/Blog focused on the issue of confidential letters of reference and the potential they have to destroy teachers' careers, with no accountability for admin endorsing their own agenda. Recruitment Coordinator, Melinda Williams, responded to an ISR member's inquiry concerning Search Associates' position on the topic.

Dear (Name Withheld),

Thank you very much for your comments about the requirement for confidential references – we appreciate this thoughtful feedback.

We have carefully considered the points you make, along with the wide variety of other comments made on this subject in the recent International Schools Review survey. We were already well aware of the arguments for and against confidential references. Our individual Associates also understand that occasionally the content of a confidential reference is out of sync with those from other referees. When a positive pattern is broken, we investigate further and in some cases the reference in question has been removed.

However, after a thorough review of the whole issue and how we deal with the few exceptions, our executive management committee continues to believe that the advantages, to both candidate and recruiter, of continuing the practice of requiring confidential references heavily outweigh any possible disadvantages. Should this ever change in the future, we will definitely reconsider our decision.

Kind regards,

Melinda Williams
Recruitment Coordinator - Executive Manager
Search Associates

If you personally wish to contact a specific recruiting agency concerning confidential letters of reference, here is a sample letter you can copy, paste and alter as desired.

Dear ____

I recently participated in the International Schools Review Survey concerning confidential letters of reference. Over 77% of participants favored doing away with confidential letters of reference. You can view the Survey results and attached Blog by clicking this link:

I feel the practice of confidential letters reference pose a very real concern to international educators as careers have been destroyed by unethical directors with their own agendas. Such instance are outlined on the ISR blog I have referenced above.

Certainly, back-stabbing letters of reference take place in a small minority of situations, but one such victim is one-too-many. I encourage you to examine the practice of confidential references and take steps to end it.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning your opinion on this topic and what steps you can take to end the archaic practice of secretive confidential letters of reference.



focused on the issue of confidential letters of r
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