Security Alert!

ISR has reason to believe a disingenuous web site that reviews international schools has been created for the express purpose of misleading recruiting candidates and to entrap teachers who post Reviews.

Not long ago a school Director reported to ISR that plans for a School Review web site with a hidden agenda had been hatched by a group of schools and directors. The express purpose of this web site would be to compensate for negative School Reviews already posted to existing web sites such as ISR. In other words: DAMAGE CONTROL. Additionally, collecting data on teachers who posted negative Reviews to the site was a strong possibility.

We have reason to believe this new web site is up and running. What caught our attention is that someone/a group is spending $1000s weekly in Pay-Per-Click ads to promote a “free access” collection of “recently posted reviews,” many of which contradict 10+ years of candid Reviews on ISR.

Attorneys representing various international schools around the globe have been unsuccessful in stopping ISR from providing a medium through which teachers can share open and honest information about International Schools. This new site appears to be a new and different attempt at the same, but based on misleading educators.

ISR collects a membership fee to assist with legal and operational expenditures and believes that Teachers Keeping Each Other Informed through anonymously posted, candid Reviews, is the only way to assist international teachers in finding, and loving, their teaching positions around the world.

For your personal and career security, we urge you to consider the motive of any web site whose presence on the web seems unclear.

The Staff of ISR