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Hong Kong Academy

 Hong Kong
Evaluation 1)
Academic integrity of Hong Kong Academy
Effectiveness of administration at Hong Kong Academy
Academic and disciplinary support provided at Hong Kong Academy
Director's involvement in academics at Hong Kong Academy
Fair and equitable treatment by board and director at Hong Kong Academy
Hong Kong Academy has adequate educational materials on hand
Attitude of local community towards foreigners at Hong Kong Academy
Cost of living in relation to salary at Hong Kong Academy
Satisfaction with housing at Hong Kong Academy
Community offers a variety of activities at Hong Kong Academy
Availability and quality of local health care at Hong Kong Academy
Satisfaction with school health insurance policy at Hong Kong Academy
Family friendly / child friendly school and community at Hong Kong Academy
Assistance with visas, shipping and air travel at Hong Kong Academy
Extra curricular load is reasonable at Hong Kong Academy
Security and personal safety at Hong Kong Academy

Hong Kong Academy is built on a foundation of inclusion and...

Currently the administrative team at Hong Kong Academy creates a high-pressure environment through...

As with many international schools, at Hong Kong Academy there is a “like it or lump it” approach from the...

During my time at the Hong Kong Academy administration removed the 10% retirement match and...

Nepotism at Hong Kong Academy is extremely high; the current head of school has gone as far as...

The primary school principal at Hong Kong Academy is a micromanager who I think believes she can...


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